Questions about reading the aura

Common Questions


Q: When you draw an aura you use lots of different colours? Why? I thought an aura was only one colour?

A: There might be one dominant colour that stands out, but the aura is full of many colours! Some aura colours reflect your personality, others reflect transient moods and experiences, your environment and the influence of people around you.


Q: If you drew my aura again tomorrow would it be the same or different?

A: Some colours might be the same, but on the whole, your overall aura would be different. You are constantly changing in response to your environment and the stories unfolding in your life.


Q: You don’t just use one yellow, or one blue, you many shades of each colour. Why?

A: A healthy yellow is bright and clear but an unhealthy yellow is pale or thick and murky. These varying shades and hues give me insight into the state of each chakra.