Reading the Aura

Over the years, the style of sketching in terms of layout, detail and artwork has undergone many transformations. Spirit has put me through rigorous ‘colour’ training. In the first few years, the sketches contained a lot of abstract art revealing hidden images of numbers, wings, landscapes and animals that suddenly would leap out at you, when you looked from the correct perspective.


I remember a beautiful sketch in my first year and when I sat back at the end, I suddenly saw white swans, peering out from behind her arms and legs. They seemed to be everywhere. Not surprisingly, we had been talking about self-esteem and feeling rejected by others. After seeing the swans I was able to use the story of the ugly duckling as a counselling device.


Fairy tails are a wonderful way to convey ideas. Recently I had a client who had the image of a frog prince in her aura. The image I kept seeing was of a frog with a crown like the king in the children’s movie Shrek 2. I was able to use this imagery to explain that she had a gift for seeing the underlying beauty in others without judging a book by its cover. I was also able to warn against the danger of trying to rescue every frog prince with a kiss, because some frogs really are frogs and some princes just don’t appreciate it. Needless to say, the young lady has a tendency to become sexually or romantically engaged with young men who appeal to the healer in her.


I don’t seem to get this abstract imagery as much any more. When I ask Spirit about why this is so, they say the artwork has simply changed and a different ‘format’ is being used.