Reading the aura

In the last year of my Naturopathy degree, I began working with a psychologist who helped me structure my aura reading sessions a little better and set clearer boundaries between myself and the client. He taught me to check in with the client for validation, rather than doing the entire reading ‘blind’. Asking “Can you relate to what I’m saying?” helps me navigate through the dialogue I’m having with Spirit with more ease and grace.

 When a client say yes or nods in response to this question, I can continue along this path with confidence. I don’t like a client to give me too much information because it influences me and stops the session from being what I call a ‘clean read’. A simple nod and smile is usually all I need but with a client who is experienced in receiving readings, they tend to know just how much to reveal to shape an excellent reading and the teamwork between us can be really dynamic!

If the client cannot relate to what I’m saying, I have to pull up and reconsider my interpretation of the information I’m receiving from Spirit, as well as the way I’m delivering the message. I have to ask myself many questions, such as ‘Does this symbol have a literal or symbolic meaning?’, ‘What aspect of the colour is relevant to the client?’, ‘Is this reference appropriate to past, present or future?’, ‘Is this pattern chronic or acute?’, ‘Am I using a word the client understands and can relate to?’ and so on.