Reading Orange in the aura

For aura readers, psychic artists, and all of my students and clients with Aura Cards, here is my personal ‘ORANGE’ language of colour combination meanings:

Orange and White: These colours enhance our capacity to adapt to change, to flow with the river of life rather than resisting it, or trying to make it go faster. Good health.

Orange and Silver: Fertility colours. These two colours appear at the beginning of pregnancy and stay during the full term. They will also show up during highly fertile periods during which a person might easily become pregnant.

Orange and Gold: A charismatic sense of humour. These people can be mischievous and know how to make other people feel good. They can be highly motivational and encouraging towards others.

Orange and Yellow: Help us to dream up new possibilities, create visions for the future and make good decisions. These are warm colours that can help us to be confident in sociable situations. Orange teaches Yellow how to flow forwards without needing to have all the details planned. Yellow encourages Orange to have a vision rather than simply floating about unmoored.

Orange and Green: Good colours for emotional and social health. These people usually enjoy being around others (unless the specific shades are Misfit Orange and Hermit Green!). Orange generally teaches Green to enjoy social situations with humour and playfulness. Green teaches Orange to calm down and be more aware of how other people are feeling.

Orange and Blue: Help us express our creativity, suggesting artistic skill and sensitivity. Orange teaches Blue to let go and relax in order to be warm and natural with others. Blue teaches Orange to set better boundaries and to be more disciplined.

Orange and Purple: Very open minded colours. These people are original thinkers and usually ahead of their time. Sometimes their way of looking at things can be unorthodox and unusual. They do need to take care to check that their ideas can be implemented in practical ways and to communicate their ideas clearly so they can be understood by others.

Orange and Pink: Childlike colours, representing gentleness and compassion. These colours help us cope with shock, especially emotional shock.

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