Spiritual Psychology

(I wrote this a few years ago after attending a Happiness Conference)

Spiritual Psychology


I recently had the experience of being immersed in a world of scientists and psychologists. I love science and psychology but I also love spirituality and my psychic or shamanic world. Unfortunately, most people who are into science and psychology aren’t so open-minded. While immersed in this dry world of intellect and ideas, I found myself losing touch with my psychic self because I felt I had to hide it or be deemed a crack pot, or someone of lesser intelligence. Personally, I have found that concepts such as life after death, past lives, spirit guides and so on, can be extremely useful psychological tools. Rather than dismissing them because they are not ‘scientific’ I love exploring their practical use in healing, counselling and psychology.

As a spiritual healer, I love good psychology, or healthy thinking. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual practises and new age beliefs have some excellent psychology behind them. While I do occasionally come across clients who have trouble staying grounded in reality, the vast majority of my clients use spiritual beliefs and practises to accentuate their psychological and emotional health. And while I may have my concerns about those clients who take things a little too far, I also recognise that these sensitive clients are simply coping the best way they know how, with a reality that would otherwise be too harsh and painful for them to live with.


My job is often based on teaching people how to use spiritual beliefs and practises in an efficient and practical manner, so they can live a more effective life. An effective life is a life that is balanced; a life based on healthy relationships with the world around you, and within you; a life of harmony and fulfilment.


I often marvel at the way in which our beliefs, perspectives and imagination can be used quite deliberately as tools to harness this happier and more balanced way of living. Spirituality can be a playful adventure in consciousness, contributing to the effective functioning of our lives in untold ways.