1996 Journal entries

(The following are a collection of dream fragments, visions and channelled messages received in 1996, at the beginning of my journey as a spiritual healer)

Channelled message from a visiting channel during the spiritual development class:

“Your love for healing is very strong and you work well with female energy. You have an affinity with earth energy- you are similar creatures. You can draw on her strength and she will give it willingly. When you are tired or sad go outside and lie on the ground. You have powerful healing abilities and you can focus energy for healing purposes very easily and naturally. You will do great healing work.”


An old teacher comes to me in disguise. He gives me gifts, learning packages, rekindling old passions: my love and respect for Mother Earth, nature, environmentalism. He shows me ecology models, showing me how everything fits together. A project is in pieces but I see already its potential and effect on me. Pieces from my childhood passions are coming back to me. I also see music equipment, lots of it!

Visions of lives past:

I see an old woman showing me how to weave. We are alone together on the dirty streets of England, in poverty. There are many other children. I’m a little girl who finds friendship with an old lady down the street. She teaches me much.

I see a strange old man with a beard and an unusual hat. He befriends me, when I am a young lad. In this lifetime he will reappear to teach me magic- using my hands, using energy.


All is energy

All is flow

All is perfect

All is now

I walk a beautiful path

of serenity and calm

All about me

The storms and raptures


in total self-involvement

Beautiful is the exploration

of experience, the taste of life, being.

All are so special, so unique

I long to put aside my own performance for awhile,

so that I may admire that of others around me

Standing back and watching

The universal dance

And at times choosing

To step off the winding path to join in the fun of creation