1997 Journal Entries

Healing Vision


An Amercian Indian man sits watching me, holding a spear.

The spear is embedded in the earth.

It has feathers and shells on it.

It sways in the wind, and I hear bells tinkling.

He wants me to take the spear:

“It’s yours take it.”

I do, but he gets old waiting!

I use it to break the ties that bind me

and then I stamp the end of it into the earth.


The burning


Last night I had a healing…. or a burning?

Spirit called me to the couch and I lay down.

I felt like I was on fire. I felt like I was burning.

I encompassed the fear so it couldn’t hurt me

I realised how strong ‘knowing’ is

Knowing I am larger than the fear

Knowing I am safe

I just watched the burning without struggling

without trying to block it out

I didn’t get caught up in it or feel it though

I just held it gently within my larger self

and felt my strength.


I was stabbed through the heart with a spear in a past life

And I was burned as a witch.

For black magic I think

Perhaps that is why I’m a little wary of witchcraft

Perhaps it is part of my repressed power.

A candle was lit in my throat

and the flame grew strong

I felt the strength of the fire bring this centre to life



Connecting with my Master Guide


The Cherokee poem:


“Daughter-one-mine, of the sun, the sea, the earth beneath.

All the shadows melt away in your light.

A strong flame burns within, steady, amidst the storms.

You will not break. Be in this centre.

Show them. Teach them the Way of the Eye.


I am he who stills the night

I am he who sheds the light

of golden consciousness

Feel the rest, feel the rest


My daughter I have time for thee

I am the light of mystery

Keep at thy work

Thy good be done

Remember One, remember one.


Fare thee well, my Cherokee

I am the artist, you are the tree

I am here for you, as are the others

We are your family. Call on us


Into the circle, pyramid of light

Into the flames

We will lift the energy

for your healing rite.


Fair art thou, when happy


“Oh Beautiful One

Fair art thou, when happy

Do you like the music I play?

For you are the harmony of the spheres

Feel it flow through you

Here you are in the centre

Look here to find your true self

And luagh, that you should look anywhere else

Sweet- I can speak to you in any language

and with many voices

But we are all One

Find your centre, your core

And you will find all that is

Slip into the notch made for you

And know who you are- your totality

The one and the many

Keep one hand on your heart

and you will all ways find your way home

Yes, I am speaking with you

You are real and so am I- It all Is. We are.


Follow your dreams

Make them real

Love yourself this much

You deserve it, we all do.

Don’t ask permission

You already have it

Just make it real

Know it

Feel it.


Apple on the tree


Omanisa I cherish thee

Thou art apple on the tree

Come to the ocean and dive right in

I will show you where to begin

Start the mile with a single step

Follow your way along the map

A guilded pathway set in stone

Too old to belong

Sing the song of substance

Let it ring, resonate within the stone

Let it carry you forth, across water

Over valley and seas, beneath and beyond

the worlds end


Feel your way

You will be shown

A guiding hand through the dark

leading you ever on

A temple there will be

A rise of steps

Above the mist and darkness

Above the mountain top

Approach softly and with reverence

Within, the jewel awaits

It’s fire burns purple-red

A spiritual flame, a lilac flame

It will ignite your heartflame

and your heart will sing its song

Resonate in recognition.


Strength. Knowing. Purpose. Focus. Intent

Lift it with reverence, above

Hold it high

Lower it swiftly

Neatly down into the crown

It will swirl down quickly

and bounce up into the arms

Bring them up with the movement, head back