Initiation from Gaia

(I wrote this after an altered state experience, facilitated by a healer/channel in 1996)

Initiation from Gaia

Renewed connection to Mother Earth, Gaia

Rebirthed, nourished, nurtured

Cradled, rocked in her womb

Cleansed and loved

“Healer of/from the Earth

Daughter mine

Go forth to do the work

Heal the people

Heal the Earth

I give you these shards of light rock crystal

broken in half and pushed into your palms

where they glow, pulsate and meld with you

making stronger your connection with me

making stronger your healing power

Sister, you have an ancient history

Remember your soul

Do the work

There are no limitations

You have been given all the tools you need

in preparation for this lifetime

The symbols you have been seeing

The X and the spiral

are markers to remind you

of your responsibilities, promises and power

They are also tools for healing

You will come to understand more very soon”

I was a healer

One with the Earth, the mother

Understanding the laws, her laws

Helping the people to flow with her

so they might be healed

so that she be healed and whole

I was alone, with her.

Looking out over the vastness of all time and country

Seeing my lives and the Earth

Laid down before me at my feet

I stand atop the mountain

They all exist at once

Scattered in a path down the mountain

I am duality

I am within myself and around myself

Both greater and lesser

All One

The dreamer and the dream

The mother and the child

Everything and nothing.