God loving through us

Diary entry, 11th August 2004 

“Hello Spirit.”

“Hello Omanisa. Happy Birthday. Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know. Life. Irony.”

“Beloved. Be calm. All is not as it seems to be, it is ever deeper. Do not cast yourself off so readily as shallow and selfish. You need to focus on the beauty he holds inside so you can truly see who he is. He is all things to you that you so desire and already have. I love you through him and he sees you for who you truly are, not who he wants or imagines you to be, and who he sees he loves.

You would find great joy, were you to surrender to his love and find new ways to engage it.”

“For example?”

“For example. Engage him in conversation. Ask him questions about himself, his life, his dreams…

Interact with his spirit energy and allow him to know yours. Play together. Pretend sometimes that he is all that exists and hold his attention by being a mirror for his own beauty. Omanisa, you have a very special man there, I created him just for you and you just for him. So mote it be. Allow me to love through you both.”

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