Loving being me

Humility Fuchsia Palm Valley 2012
Humility Fuchsia
Palm Valley 2012

My vegan lifestyle nurtures both my inner child (who loves animals), and my empathic self, who cannot knowingly harm another without feeling harmed herself.

Why does this matter? Because nurturing these parts of me not only ensures great balance and joy in my personal life, it develops my professional skill as a clairsentient healer with a passion for creative therapies and emotional intelligence.

I love my sensitive heart-based, empathic self because honouring her values makes me feel sooo happy! My empathic ability is a big part of my inner child. When I devalue my emotional sensitivity, I devalue my inner child.

Without my empathic self, I feel alien to me, and disconnected from everyone else. Placing material concerns above heart-based matters is soul-destroying for me; it makes me feel unhappy, even if I do get sucked in to that unfriendly web from time to time.

Without my inner child I am grey and tired, I am dull and unimaginative. I am unmotivated, afraid and bored by life. I am stiff, tense and sore. I am angry and over-serious. I am offended and ‘not taken seriously’. Like any person out of touch with her inner child, I am easily poached by my ego.

When my inner child is nurtured and happy, I experience an incredible joy. I love my inner child because she makes my body thrum with delight, awe, wonder, excitement, contentment and bliss. My inner child sees the funny side of everything, without ever being insensitive or cold. She is beautiful. I love her innocence.

People get scared to embrace their inner child because they think they need to be proper grown ups all the time. “I need to be sensible, respected, responsible, strong, taken-seriously, invulnerable, etc” Why do we think we need to choose between these qualities and the inner child? True balance comes from embracing both the inner adult and the inner child, at the same time.

“I don’t want to be vulnerable, naive, tricked, hurt, disrespected, ashamed etc” When you hear this voice, you are hearing the wounded inner child’s fears and the ego’s offer to protect the child, almost like a body guard. And like a body-guard, the ego will be like a metallic shield of armour in the body, cutting us from our inner and outer emotional worlds.


Don’t be afraid to feel, even if this means coming face to face with painful realities. When you have the courage to do this, you can get on with responding appropriately in ways that will bring you joy. We can’t change everything, but that doesn’t matter; in fact, not being able to change everything is a bonus because it teaches us humility. It teaches us how to surrender. It teaches us how to co-operate harmoniously and graciously with the world around us instead of trying to control, own and force everything and everyone.

Find joy in practical, flowing action. There is no need to force. Unfold yourself, reveal yourself… blossom and bloom, rather than pushing, demanding, complaining, dramatising, or giving up.

Blossoming is effortless. You just get out of your own way and allow it to happen. And yet, for so many of us, getting out of our own way can seem like the ultimate puzzle of life. “How do I do that?”

There are no easy answers, but I can help you find the right mood.

I am, after all, a clairsentient, and mood is my forte!

What would it feel like if you were flowing effortlessly with life?

Imagine what this would feel like. PRACTISE imagining what this would feel like. A mood is a skill. Like all skills, a mood can be learned and habitual. If a mood isn’t helpful, practise a new, preferable mood. It will feel awkward at first, but with practise it will eventually become second nature.

What would it feel like if you were contented and fulfilled?

What would it feel like if you had the courage to embody your personal truth in the face of disapproval from others? Liberating!? You bet! Woohoo!!!!