Being where you are

I just found this written conversation between myself and one of my Spirit Guides. I can’t find the first two pages, so I’m not sure what the prelude was, but page three begins with Spirit talking about paradox.


“Your heart and mine are one beat and yet a mile apart. I stand here in the universe and you stand over there and yet it is as though we are side by side, arm in arm. How is it so?”


“Um. Space-time-distance-separation is an illusion?”


“Exactly. One. You stand there and I stand here and yet we are as one. Can you see how the Eagle does not truly move?” (This reference to an unmoving eagle might seem strange, but he’s talking about something that happened earlier in the conversation, in the missing pages. An eagle is flying, moving without moving)


“Sort of. Everything just is. And yet is it not, also” (Then I laugh, because language so poorly conveys the complex simplicity of paradox)


“Exactly” (Spirit hugs me).

“That’s enough. Be still now.” (Spirit was asking me to rest my mind in stillness. We sat together in silence for a while before spirit began speaking again.)

We will discuss freedom. Do you see how it (Freedom) is in the eye of the beholder? Those who crave it believe they have not enough of it. Those who long to be Somewhere Else are afraid to be Where They Are. This place, ‘Where You Are’, is the pathway to where you are going and it cannot be side-stepped. That is like saying you want to walk but do not want legs, or that you wish to fly but want to be carried.

Keep your eye on the path in front of you, and your heart centred in the space around you in this now moment, for it is All Here Already. Even as we speak, life unfolds perfectly, for how can it be anything less?All of this was meant to be perfectly as it is…

and yet….. “


“The possibilities, the creativity…..”


(laughing) “Yes. It could always be Something Else. Something Else is a lot of fun to explore too, and just because What Is, is……doesn’t mean it’s the only possibility. All the strands* exist in any one moment but you will tend to choose to experience only one at a time, otherwise what would be the point?

Everything is as Nothing, but one possibility separated from the totality becomes Something, and this is indeed worth the separating. 

Have fun with your creating- muchly this is a choice regarding which strand you will walk at any given time and it is possible to jump from one strand to another. All Ways possible. 

So enjoy the fullness of these possibilities and remember…..

Anything is possible.


*Strands…. I think he means possibilities, or possibility pathways we can walk down or different paradigms we can inhabit. With spider as my power animal I tend to see energy and reality as a weaving of energy lines or ‘strands’.