Lemon Yellow (Clarity)

Clarity Yellow

Clarity Yellow

Colour Visual: Crisp lemon yellow, like lemons, daffodils or dawn sunlight.

Visual Metaphors: Sunlight at dawn, sunlight in winter, sunlight sparkling on water

Aura Consistency: Light, clear, airy, mildly warm, dispersing. (feels like a soft beam of sunlight)

Feeling State: Efficient, streamlined, clear-minded, awake, alert, astute.

Smell and Taste: Fresh, clean, sharp, sour, astringent, tart, bright.

Therapeutic Actions

Cleansing, clarifying, astringent, nervous system tonic, mild stimulant, grounding, cutting, drying, dispersing, liver tonic, digestive stimulant.

Used for Treating

Congestion, Confusion, Digestive problems, Nerve weakness Insecurity, Timidity Bowel disorders, Diarrhoea, Nausea, Oedema, Indigestion, Poor memory, Indecision, Gallstones, Liver disorders, Dreaminess, Toxicity, Obesity, Dishonesty, Allergies,

Balances the following Aura Colours

Muddy (Confusion) Brown, Pale (Insecurity) Yellow , Dark (Anxiety) Yellow, Dark (Rumination) Yellow.

Strengthened By

Early morning rising

Personal discipline

Efficient routines

Being Honest

Citrus (smell or taste)


Good Hygiene

Drinking clean, natural water

Martial Arts Form

Washing in cold water

Morning sunlight

Tai Chi, Chi Gung

Physical fitness

Healthy diet

Not over-eating

Being organised

Streamlined systems

Keeping it simple

Notable Colour Combinations

with Silver: Excellent for mental discipline

with Vision Yellow: Helps you see both the bigger picture and the fine details

with Freedom Blue: Top quality cleansing colours. Emotional honesty

with Playful Orange: Enhanced decision-making and organisational skills

with Expression Blue: Finding the right words, being honest and clear