Ovaries/testes- sacral chakra

This is a snippet from the third unit in my distant aura healing and counselling course:

Ovarian/Testicular Conflicts

Our ovaries and testicles are sources of creative energy. Clients can sometimes experience problems with the sacral chakra when they are experiencing creative conflicts. The most common of these is feeling torn between parenting and work. Parents often feel stretched between these opposing demands on their time and energy. The sacral chakra is also strongly affected by unresolved childhood and parenting issues. Here are some clinic stories that convey some of the issues and conflicts experienced by people who are struggling with sacral chakra issues:

Jessie wanted to be more present as a father to his son, than his own father had been with him, but having experienced an emotionally and often physically absent father, he didn’t have much to go on in the way of learned skills when it came to bonding with his own son. As we worked together, Jessie began to realise that he often avoided being with his son because it brought back unpleasant memories from his own childhood. Work felt so much safer. At work, he knew how and who to be; he felt confident and successful. At home, he often felt lost and out of his depth. He felt like a failure. So he tended to do a lot of overtime, often coming home after his son had gone to bed. This created tension between him and his wife, which made him feel even less like coming home so he began escaping to the pub with his mates for some light relief. Unfortunately, this worsened rather than solved the problems at home, making Jessie feel as though he was doomed, sliding unavoidably deeper into becoming his own father and feeling helpless to stop the cycle from continuing down through the generations.

A client who wanted to have children was having trouble becoming pregnant. When I worked with Karen’s aura I realised that there was an imbalance in her sacral chakra; one of her ovaries seemed swollen and the other appeared dry and shriveled. I could sense some internal conflict between the two. As I explored this with Karen, it gradually become apparent that she had ambivalent feelings about becoming pregnant. She felt as though she was running out of time but she was in a relationship with a man who often worked away for months at a time and she was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being a part-time single parent. She also had mixed feelings about taking a step back from her lucrative career as a lawyer. She loved her work passionately and was ‘at the top of her game’, so to speak. She also enjoyed the financial freedom and choices this job gave her, but at the same time, putting her child into full time care didn’t sit right with her.