Cow Spirit Medicine

Cow is one of my animal spirit allies, along with spider, dingo, butterfly and so many other beautiful animal spirits who enrich my life in so many ways.

Here is a message from Cow, about her spirit medicine. If you need help with any of the things she is talking about, call on her, she will help you:

cow sketch“I am the sacred mother. The parent-child bond is sacred to me. I foster and strengthen the love between parent and child, by helping people resolve their childhood wounds and parental disconnection, so that they may have healthier relationships with their own children.

I help people transition through empty nest syndrome, helping them find new and healthy ways to express their mothering/parental instinct.

I help parents, especially mothers, who have lost their babies to miscarriage, stillbirth and early death. I bring them comfort and guide them through the healing process.

I teach people what true nourishment is. So many people try to fill the emptiness inside them with activities, relationships and behaviours that will never truly nourish them. I work with people who overeat and develop addictions, when the underlying cause is an instinctive, unconscious reaction to (and extension of) separation anxiety and/or neglect in early childhood.

As the sacred mother, I adopt and foster lost humans who unconsciously crave mothering and I am helping humanity work through unresolved mother issues, as well as helping men release unresolved anger towards women.

I am a healer, gentle and loving. I am teaching humans about empathy and helping them reconnect with Mother Earth. I have been a surrogate mother to humanity during it’s early evolutionary stages, but will eventually wean them off the breast and help them find and reconnect with the sacred feminine within themselves.”


Blessed Be