Balancing Fire in the Heart

photo-24I’m making a potion for a client, an energy remedy with a herbal component.

The herbal carrier, or core remedy, is Nettles. Nettles is incredible on a spirit medicine level, working in very powerful ways to clear anger and resentment out of the aura. It’s particularly effective for cleansing, balancing and stabilising the solar plexus chakra, but in this instance, Nettles in going to be used to cleanse the heart chakra. Another way of saying this is that by clearing old anger out of the solar plexus, the heart chakra will become more stable, open, powerful…. because it’s being supported by a peaceful and empowered sense of self!

On a physical level, Nettles is a blood cleansing and building remedy. What does this mean? It means Nettles cleanses rubbish out of the tissues as well as enriching the red blood cells, making them more robust. There is definitely a sense of red-base-chakra energy about nettles, alongside it’s yellow sunlight-cutting-through-the-crap medicine! I always see yellow shafts or sword-like light when I work with nettles…. it makes me think of archangel Michael with his tie-cutting sword, or the silver energy of lightening bolts cutting through the darkness and waking us up with a bang.

Nettles nourishes the liver and the blood, clearing fatigue and stagnancy out of the aura. It also strengthens and nourishes the lungs. While the lungs are traditionally associated with the throat chakra and communication, the lungs tend to dance back and forth between the throat and the heart chakra. You could perhaps think of them as the bridge that connects the two, either suppressing or expressing the feelings of the heart via the throat chakra. Grief is a classic heart chakra-lung pattern and nettles is particularly good at helping us find a perfect balance between anger and grief.

Too much grief and we lose touch with the fire that can help us have the will and determination to keep going when we are feeling exhausted, disheartened, jaded or weak. Grief without fire can be a miserable, depressing affair, making us curl up and in on ourselves like a flower oblivious to the joy of springtime unfolding around her.

On the other hand, too much fire can stop us from feeling our grief. We often use fire and anger as a strengthening, self-protective energy in the face of potentially debilitating grief, but we risk becoming resentful, bitter, vengeful and/or disconnected from our own softness and sadness if we overdo the anger.

A perfect balance lets us flow gracefully like the ocean, staying in touch with both shores (anger and sadness), without losing touch with either. We might feel one more powerfully than the other in any given moment, as the tides rise and recede, but there is always a yin/yang balance between the two, never a complete eclipsing of one by the other.

This remedy assists with this balance:

*Gentleness and softness in the heart, along with a capacity to feel more vulnerable feelings like sadness

*A stirring of gentle fire in the heart so that we might truly know our own passions and what genuinely moves us

*A resolving or releasing of old toxic anger and resentment so that the heart does not become twisted and ugly

The other ingredients in this blend are:

True Love Pink, a heart chakra frequency. This helps direct the other ingredients in around the heart chakra. This particular aura frequency lifts us up into higher, more balanced and nourishing relationships with others.

Casuarina Pine, which like nettles, has sharp pointy bits that are perfect for injecting life into the aura while clearing away old debri. Casuarina Pine helps us clear away the excess muddle from our heart so that we can clearly see what (and who), really matters. It also helps us see a clear path forwards and it fantastic for assisting with decision making.

Grass Pine Drop, a lovely yellow grass flower that helps us connect with our community in nourishing ways, helping us pit down roots and improve our communication skills.

Cycad, who says she will support my client by helping her unravel old relationship patterns and self-worth wounds from her past. Cycad will help my client embrace a humble and genuine sense of her own worth. This combined with the pine drop will hopefully enable her to clarify a positive future vision for herself.

Fire Essence: Nettles, Casuarina Pine and the Fire Essence will work together as a team to ignite sleeping fire energy in the aura, with the first two remedies cleansing old toxic fire from the auric pathways so that new healthy fire energy can run through them. At the moment, the new fire energy (passion, determination, creativity, love-for-life, and vitality) is being blocked by old stagnant fire energy mixed with grief in the lungs (toxic anger, resentment, self-pity, apathy and confusion).

Blessed Be