Love Potion Cake

photo-23I’ve just made my first love potion cake. This is a trial run for a cake I’m going to create for a friend. During this ‘draft’ of the cake, I was mostly wanting to experiment with appearance, texture and flavour. I really like the circular tower effect I have here because it will lend itself beautifully to the range of ‘chakra cakes’ I want to make.

This particular cake grounds the heart chakra whilst also raising its frequency. The earthy brown colours at the base function as a grounding mechanism, while the white upper layer lifts the heart into heaven! This cake not only blesses us with the heaven (haven) of a blissful and stable relationship and the heavenly high frequencies of a delicious raw vegan cake, it helps us invite spirit into our heart chakras, so that we may be guided to find our highest love frequency.

Finding a high love frequency in your own heart chakra helps you find it in the world around you. Activating this high frequency in the heart, whilst keeping the heart grounded, helps us manifest/attract a very real love relationship of the highest quality.

Let me tell you a little more about this cake!

The bottom layer contains pecans, hazel nuts, cacao, dates and raisins, with naturopathic quality cinnamon herbal extract. Herbal extracts are amazing because they provide top quality access to the frequency of the plant used, whilst still enabling the mechanical and biochemical actions of the plant of a physical level.

The combined frequency of this layer makes me feel like a cat turning around on a pillow, looking for the most comfortable place to make itself at home. This is the feeling of the base chakra lining itself up perfectly under the heart chakra, calling for the heart to send its roots downwards into the earth. Cinnamon is a rich red energy that warms and stimulates the body, a little like kundalini energy stirring and rising like a flame igniting and energising the heart chakra, reawakening it’s passions after a time of disheartening disappointment and loss. Hazel nuts have a similar effect, stirring the base chakra so that it can step out of old comfort zones and get ready to embrace new realities. Pecans are a love nut, wrapping warm and safe feelings around the aura so that we can undergo change without feeling exposed and threatened.

The next layer up is a coffee-cacoa layer, adding a bit more pa-ching! to the mix, again giving us the energy to keep going when we feel discouraged or tired. I added echinacea and peony to this layer, with the echinacea improving our capacity to discern healthy relationships from toxic ones, and the peony stirring old memories from past lifetimes of successful love relationships.

The pink layer is a big experiment for me and at the end of this blog I will have a taste and let you know how it goes!

I had so much fun with this layer. It contains coconut oil, cashews, beetroot, strawberries and raspberries. Wow! What a mix! I really liked the flavour while I was blending it up, but flavours shift when the mix hardens in the freezer, so who knows!? When I do the final version of this cake, I will add gem, flower and colour essences to this layer.

The top layer was a blend of coconut milk, vanilla, dates and agar agar.

While I’ve made this cake as a trial run for a friend, as a love potion, I also dedicate it to the awakening and evolution of the human heart. May it grow in it’s capacity for LOVE! May we rise above limited anthropocentrism* as a species, our hearts awakening so that we fall in love with all of nature around and within us. Blessed Be!

Ok. Now I am going to eat!

Wow! The red layer is total bliss! A wonderful success. And I am pleasantly surprised by how well the three lower layers work together considering their very different flavours. The white layer doesn’t have the consistency or flavour I was hoping for, so I’ll keep working on that, but the rest of it is amazing.

I think I might start prescribing chakra cake potions.

*Anthropocentrism is:

-The belief that human beings are the most important species on the planet and their value is higher than that of other animals

-Seeing reality from an exclusively human perspective, without any capacity to empathise with non-humans. 

Some argue that anthropocentrism is the underlying cause behind human mistreatment of the natural environment. Others say that even with an anthropocentric view of reality, we can surely see that caring for our environment is a way of caring for ourselves, because our environment provides us with food, water, shelter etc, and it’s only extremely blind anthropocentrism that results in a complete and harmful disconnect between humans and the rest of nature.


I myself, as a healer, am a wholist. I see myself as part of nature, and nature as part of me.