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I work with the spirit medicine of herbs and plant food.

Today during a healing, I was working with this Goddess, Sapphia. She is a personification of the plant spirit medicine belonging to Shatavari, more commonly known as asparagus.

This is a Yin herb, full of moistening, nourishing fluid. She strokes our kidneys, re-filling them with life force after they have become drained by excess or worry.

She teaches us how to release fear from our belly so that it does not weaken the back and the sacral organs (reproductive and intestines).

She shows us when to stand our ground and when to wriggle out of things that might try to entrap us. Often the ‘wriggle’ is a simple side-step. She helps you see other people’s ‘shit, in-coming’ and helps you take a delicate step to one side so that it doesn’t fall on your head.

“I have a light inside me. I will show it to you so that you can find your own. My light is like a mirror. It helps you see the lost treasure within yourself. It helps you see the fluids you are leaking out into the world around you….. gifts, talents, blessings; beautiful energy that is not being valued by others. My mirror will help you see your own inner source and worship there, rather than laying your gold at the feet of some external God who can’t see you. Recognise your own inner light, value it, do not squander it. Give for the pure joy of giving and expressing your essence.

I am shin yin, the joy of light that shines from within. I am nourishment that nourishes when the internal light is loved. I am a light-force that travels through energy lines you have no name for. And I am an energy that bonds people together in friendship, however long or brief that friendship might be. I am essence that passes hands and yet I never leave you for in true giving we become fuller. 

I have a light for you today and it is red. I work with yellow, green, gold, purple and red.

My red light energises and restores the creative spirit to your being…. I put essence back into your kidneys so they can shine you with light. I serve you up to the light, so you may be seen by the sacred one, so that your divine essence is connected and expressed.”

Shatavari has the following actions:

*Tones the yin

*Moistens and relieves dryness in mucous membranes, especially urinary system

*Tones Urinary and Reproductive Qi

*Balances/normalises moisture balance in the body

*Nourishes the blood and balances blood sugar

*Resolve fatigue and improves vision


  1. Thankyou. I especially clicked with the part about worshipping your own inner riches instead of laying it at the mercy of an external gods feet.

    • Yes, it kind of fits in with some conversations Spirit has been having with me about how we worship ‘Gods’ in many different forms. Like money or love or science or religion or approval from others etc

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