My old table

Today I rediscovered an old friend. A healer invited me to her place to see her new healing room and have a healing. When I lay down on the healing table, it made a sound and moved under me in a way that seemed familiar.

“This is your old table”, said the healer, and everything fell into place.

I had passed it along to a friend, and then the table had changed hands again, eventually arriving in the healer’s new healing room. My dear, rickety, beloved old table! Still alive, and being loved. It was second hand when I first purchased it, 18 years ago. And it has a cut in it where my husband and I were using it as a working bench (‘saw-horse’) while building a wall in our old healing room…. the circular saw cut right into the top surface! But cover it with a beautiful cloth and no-one would ever know. Unless one the the other owners has patched it up?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes into retirement soon. The healer will need a broader surface. That bed always was a bit too narrow. But there’s a lot to be said for a wise old table, rickety and patched nonetheless. That table has held and supported so many people over the years; it has seen into the hearts and souls of many a client. It has been the safe place for us all, as we delved into our depths. It has been the bridge, like a winged horse, carrying us into spirit.

I love that table. It was amazing to have it under me today. I felt so honoured!