Clearing Mushroom Grey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are a range of toxic aura colours that tend to hurt my hands or make me feel sick if I handle them with my hands. When I was younger I had no fear while working in the aura and would ‘boldly go where angels fear to tread’. I’ve learned the hard way to be more wary. On the very odd occasion, a toxic colour lodges in my aura and can be a total hassle to dislodge. This might only happen 1 in 100 times while handling toxic energy (even when wearing psychic protection gloves!), and it can lead to some great personal healing for me in the long run, but I’m getting too old for all this gung-ho business. As my boundaries and self-worth improve, I’m less inclined to put myself in danger while helping others and frankly, I don’t give a shit if wrestling with acquired toxic energy leads to growth, I’m not interested in learning via pain and hardship unless absolutely necessary.

Lets talk first about why toxic energy might stick to me as a healer, rather than sliding off the way it usually does once I remove it from a clients aura. There are two basic reasons why this will happen and I usually need to have both operating at the same time for me to be vulnerable in this way, and I suspect other healers (and even the general public) are the same, so the tool I have created to help me, may be of interest to them.

If another person’s toxic energy sticks to me when I come into contact with it, it is because:

1) There is resonance between the toxic energy I am handling and some unresolved trauma in my own energy field. On a positive note, the attachment of someone else’s toxic energy to my own aura can be a very helpful indicator, showing me where I still have some personal housework to do within my own aura. The fact that toxic energy quite often results in unpleasant emotional and physical symptoms can be a great motivator when it comes to addressing these unresolved issues. Without the clients toxic energy amplifying my own, I may never have become aware of its presence because it wasn’t ‘loud enough’ for me to hear. I call this process ‘tagging’, because the clients toxic energy is tagging my own, and bringing it to my conscious attention.

2) My energy field is overloaded with toxic energy and struggling to keep up with clearing. In reality, tagging is happening all the time because we all have unresolved issues to work through. Its just that usually, when the healer’s aura is in tip top condition, the process of identifying and clearing accumulated residue picked up from a client happens quite automatically and efficiently. When I am healthy sand balanced, I can wander around in other people’s muck to my heart’s content without being affected in the slightest. The things that person drop my frequency and prevent my aura from clearing so affectively are:

*Electromagnetic smog

*Burn out (i.e. working too hard, seeing too many clients)

*Stress in my personal life

*Physical illness

*A reduction in personal boundaries and overuse of my empathic ability

So spirit has helped me create a range of healing templates to clear toxic energy. This particular one is for clearing the Mushroom Colour. (a pale grey-pink-brown). The mushroom colour isn’t one I see very often. Perhaps only once ever year or two.

This colour makes us feel as though we are treading water and marking time, waiting forever, it seems, for something to change in our lives. It gives us the feeling (and perhaps the feeling is reflecting a legitimate reality?) that we have wandered off track and lost sight of our personal destiny. It’s an awful sludgy colour that makes everything in the aura seem slow and muted, as though seeing it through a fog in slow motion.

My husband took a video of my sketching the healing sketch that treats and resolves Mushoom Grey and the funny thing is, the visuals go weird part of the way through, in a way that very much describes how Mushroom Grey can feel.

You are very welcome to use this image to help you clear this aura colour if you think you might be suffering from it. Simply focus on the image and breathe it in, asking it to help you.

Blessed Be