Creative projects

This blog is like a dear diary stocktake. I have so many different projects happening at the moment that I feel like I need to list them to remind myself what they all are, just in case one slips down the rabbit hole. I love having lots of different projects happening at the same time because it means I can float at whim between them.

I’m creating an On-line Distance Course for people who want to read and heal the aura. This is level 1 and I have a handful of lovely students supporting me with this, giving me feedback and encouragement. Level 1 has 8 units and I’m currently writing unit 4, but I am lagging. I was hoping to have this everything done before I leave to go overseas, but other projects are snavelling my attention. What I’ve loved about creating this course is that it opened my world up to video as a form of tutorial. One of my students has asked me to create a mail-out version of the course though, because downloading isn’t something she can get her head around. That will be fun! But it could take a while. One of my other students said: “I NEVER realized that the psychic ability is so closely linked to imagination. That was a big revelation for me! Thank you!”

Book: Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia

My wildflower spirit journey through Central Aust book is ready in ebook form (click here) but I’m still working on the printed version- making sure the paper quality will be okay. Hard to get good photo quality and still make it affordable, but I’m getting there slowly. I also created a flower card set to go with my Central Australian flower book project. It retails at $10 AU. I suppose I should feature this somewhere on my site, but in the meantime, here are some photos:



Book: Kakadu Flower Spirit Journey

This is the book I’m working on at the moment. Very healing, writing this story- this was such a challenging trip! We got rescued by helicopter from a water ledge after getting stuck and I had to do some negotiating with land spirits to get permission to stay in a gorge…anyway, wild story. I haven’t got to the bit where I write about the flower spirits I met, but when I do, I’ll create another deck of cards.

Psychic Healing Art Cards

This is a card set of healing sketches I created to save my hands in the healing room. They are so vibrant! I love them. I’m also starting to collect photos for one about wood spirit medicine. Here’s one of the sketches, and here’s a link to a blog I wrote about another one, explaining a little more about why I created them:


Leaf Spirit Medicine Cards:

I’m a bit obsessed with lead photography at the moment, so I’m turning the photographs into another set of cards, with beautiful spirit medicine messages on the back of each card. I went walking with my dog today and took some more photographs today. It amazes me- the beautiful patterns on leaves, the shapes, and the colours.



Raw Vegan Chakra Cakes

I’m loving making raw vegan cakes and while I still have a lot to learn, I’m starting to teach others and am planning a cookbook. I’m not a fully raw foodie, I just happen to love the concept of raw cakes. I still haven’t pulled off a blue one yet, but I will!



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