Courage Orange

Courage Orange is an amber yellow-orange, often containing little swirls or flecks of reddish-brown. I sometimes call this colour ‘amber-ember’ because it makes me think of both amber and the embers in a fire. This colour has a warm, bolstering feeling, almost as though it is picking you up, dusting you off and psyching you up to get in there and give it another go. No other colour better enables us to face our fears and overcome them.

Offering a bright glimmer of hope, Courage Orange heralds an imminent return of fire energy after a period of loss or decline. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes Courage Orange represents the return of the sun to the sky after winter, the rise after the fall, the rebirth after the death. If you have faced great difficulties, if you have been weakened, if you have given up on life, Courage Orange is a sure sign the tide is turning and a new dawn is rising just beyond the darkness.   

Reawakening healthy warm colours throughout the aura, Courage Orange often appears just before healthy red colours reappear after burnout, like tiny sparks leaping into full flame. Red colours infuse us with passion, excitement and determination. They enhance our self confidence, assertiveness and creative problem solving skills, helping us overcome the timid passivity and victim-mentality so often associated with grey auric states.

Courage Orange can promote orange colours in the aura too, bringing about a more hopeful, light-hearted approach to life, making all our difficulties seem less daunting and dark. A touch of humour can put even the biggest shadows into perspective! Healthy orange colours make us more proactive about achieving our goals and encourage use to connect socially with others for support.

When stimulating yellow colours in the aura, Courage Orange facilitates mental clarity, helping us accurately assess priorities when we are feeling overwhelmed. It also reminds us that we can still feel happy on a rainy day because happiness is an internal attitude that doesn’t have to be dependent upon outer circumstances.

So if you find Courage Orange in your aura, you are about to discover hidden reserves of warmth, confidence, positivity, hope and clarity. These little sparks of warm light will help you overcome apathy, despair, exhaustion and fear. This is your chance to pick yourself up and climb back onto the wild tiger of life for another go. What previously may have seemed impossible or pointless will begin to sparkle with new light, beckoning you forth. Courage Orange will help you see new possibilities for a better life, hidden in amongst the grey ashes of the past.

Courage Orange is an excellent treatment colour for depression, burn-out, cynicism, loss of hope, exhaustion, insecurity, and anxiety, because it helps to restore confidence, courage and hope. To invite this colour into your aura, imagine breathing it in with every in-breath, while you release fear and depression on every out-breath. If, for example, you feel grey inside like an overcast grey day, blow these grey clouds away on every out breath, and imagine your inner sun emerging from behind the clouds on every in-breath.

If you feel like your inner fire has gone out, imagine this colour is evidence of sparks hidden under the grey ashes. Focus on these embers on every in-breath. On every out-breath imagine blowing on these embers until the fire comes back to life, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Imagine what it would feel like to have this warm vital fire in your belly. You might see your inner warrior join you at the fire. Look into your warrior’s eyes, copy how your warrior moves and image what it might feel like to be embody such power and poise.