The Phoenix

The Phoenix sketch always makes me feel like golden sun bird flying over the vast, sparkling ocean. It gives me such a free and magical feeling!

Here is some information about its various uses in healing:

Parts of this sketch have a vibrational frequency similar to amber or my Aura Card ‘Courage’, which you can read about here.

This sketch cracks us open to the light hidden within us. Sometimes this light is the light of courage. Other times it is hope, or even self-worth. It’s like looking down into your heart one day and realising it’s shining like a golden star because you are beautiful on the inside and nothing can harm this core essential self.

When I connect with the phoenix energy in this sketch, I almost feel invincible. There always seems to be more hope, even when hope has so often before been destroyed. This sketch makes me feel like good discoveries are just about to be made, as though I’m a deep sea diver searching for lost treasure, or an eagle flying high over new territory, with ocean and islands glinting below in the light of the sun.

I also see magical animals of all shapes and sizes looking at my in this sketch. Some of them look like pre-historic emus, saying ‘Run with me, and we will show you the heart of this land so you can revive your spirit’, others like like dolphins, swimming around and around the yellow energy leaking from my solar plexus, rounding it up like shepherds and pushing it back into my golden power-core.

I also see liquid gold running slowly, spilling out over the mountains, like a waterfall turned golden in the sunset. The waterfall is filling me with abundance, reminding my inner waters to flow, and helping me see all the blessings that have stockpiled in my life so far. My cup is definitely half full!

I also see whales in this sketch. Slow and majestic, they seem in alignment with the eagle who was also on a long journey. Even though I am travelling, every place along the way is home. This sketch gives us the courage to explore new horizons and to feel like a true global citizen, travelling from one part of our home to another.