The Cave


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the healing sketches I use in my clinic. Like all the sketches, it has a range of uses, which I am slowly learning over time. I channeled 20 healing sketches through over the space of a week, and now Spirit is showing me how to use them.

Colours, shapes and patterns on their own can have power, because they influence the mindbody via our vision, but sketches can be imbued with intent and vibrational energy. We might not be able to visually see this vibrational energy, but our body can feel it. Think of this vibrational energy as being like a three-dimensional, sacred geometrical or organic pattern. This pattern is absorbed into our aura and from here impacts the mindbody.

When I am using the sketches to heal myself, I gaze at them and imagine breathing them in. Then I listen to my mindbody and notice the changes. When I use them for clients, I put them on the body, beside the body or under the healing table. Sometimes I ‘reach through’ the symbol, almost as though I am putting my hands into a special set of gloves designed for a specific task. Other times I just sit back and which, holding space for the sketch to work it’s magic while I witness everything unfold.

I call this particular sketch ‘The Cave’, because when viewed on this angle, it reminds me of a cave.

Patience and Stillness

‘The Cave’ helps us find inner stillness. When I work with this sketch, I find myself encountering a vastness inside and around myself, filled with a soothing silence, almost like the feeling you get when laying back watching stars twinkling in the night sky. This is excellent medicine when:

*You want to improve your ability to meditate.

*You need to calm a racing heart and/or mind.

*You tend to feel impatience and frustrated.

*You want to work with Spirit.


If you tend to hold back, crave things from others or have trouble connecting with others, this sketch can help you balance your heart chakra, settling you into a natural flowing rhythm of giving and receiving. ‘The Cave’ untangles messy fibres between heart chakra and replaces this with a feeling of mutual respect and care.

Calling The One

There are singing spirits attached this this sketch, and they sing magic ceremonies which call in ‘The One’. We are have various paths of destiny unfolding in front of us and changing shape in each second according to our decisions, thoughts and events happening around us. This sketch helps us send a fibre out through all the noise in our aura and the world around us, like a Cupid’s arrow flying straight and true to the heart of our destined loved one. This does not mean there is only one special person for each of us. There are many. But under the influence of this sketch, your heart chakra will launch an energy fibre out to the nearest, most accessible and most viable potential partner, and reel them in. These potential partners are people we have conferred with ahead of this life; people who agree to wait in the wings and enter stage left if and when the time is right. There are no guarantees, but there is a lot of magic crackling in the air about us, and where one opportunity is missed, another waits in the side-lines.

If you are already in a relationship, this healing sketch can improve the quality of the relationship, deepen the love between you, or hasten its completion if the energy between you is too toxic to repair.