Healing Pain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis sketch was one I asked Spirit to bring through for me. It helps with the healing of pain. Right now, this sketch is telling me that it is stretching me, to release old pain and tension from my body. This old pain and tension comes not just from my personal history as a body and soul, but also the pain I am empathetically exposed to in the world around me. Spirit keeps talking to me about ‘history’, saying that the human being carries, to some extent, the worlds history, including all it’s pain and joy. This sketch helps us resolve this pain. It is especially applicable when this psychic pain is being experienced physically, expressed or embodied by the physical body itself.

As a shaman, I know I am connected to everything and everyone. When I resolve and release my own pain, I heal it for the world around me. When I heal and resolve pain in the world around me, I heal it within me. We are all One. This is why the wellbeing of others matters to me.

This sketch calls in and reminds our powerful inner spirit of all the healing pacts it has made with others in the past and it calls forth all the karmic healing energy stored within these pacts. You might imagine a group of people, healers, coming together with shared intent to heal one another and the world around them. What I see in this sketch, are the fingertips of four powerful healer-dragons, meeting together in the middle. A web of energy begins to radiate out from their shared intent as their fingertips touch, sending healing ripples out into the world, and through each dragon. As we give, so do we receive.

Dragon energy is ancient. In some ways it represents our ancient brain and our capacity to live in harmony with the world around us, rather than over-thinking and losing our connection with our natural instincts. In other ways it is the serpent of deep knowledge that runs through and connects us all. Dragons and shamans have always been connected. We are One.