Possum Magic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love this sketch and the magic it contains. When I first began working with it, I would always see a possum. After a while, I realised it was a female shaman whose power animal is the possum, shape-shifting into possum form and peering out at me from the branches of a tree.

When I was a child, I had an auntie. You could think of her like an adopted great-aunt, because she was closer to my grandmother’s age than my mother’s, even though she was one of my mother’s dearest friends. She lived in Tasmania on a farm, surrounded by animals. It was there that I watched Mother Cat give birth to her babies in the hay shed, snuggled together amongst the bales. It was at Auntie Joyce’s place that I learned how to scoop out the candied honey on a big knife and put it on the branch of the tree just outside her back door for Mother Possum, who lived in the roof with her family. Perhaps this is where I first made contact with the spirit guide in this sketch. Perhaps this guide is my Auntie Joyce in a past lifetime, stepping forward to heal with me.

There is also tree-dryad energy in this sketch and I feel deeply honoured to have it appear, because they can be so shy and private, so rarely ever seen. The lady-spirit that talks through this sketch tells me about the healing properties of plants, leaves, herbs, seeds, and roots. She is the ultimate herbalist, showing me how to use the spirit-energy of food and herbs in the healing room, anointing the third eye with food-medicine salves, rubbing liquid lavender tincture through the mental layer of the aura, and sprinkling flower essences into the chakras. She hands me a leaf and shows me how to chew it up in my imagination, turning it into a poultice that can be inserted into auric wounds. The herbs soak up the toxins in festering, infected wounds, especially when the cause is heartbreak, obsession, being caught in a spell, entrancement, entrapment or poison in the system.

She is a potent healer this one. Like my Peruvian spirit-teachers, she teaches me how to suck and spit poison from wounds.

Thank you Possum Spirit for bringing this sketch through, to help myself and my clients connect with you. xxx