Home Brown in the aura

This colour makes me think of chocolate because it is sweet and comforting. The other classic images I tend to see in association with this colour are images of the earth, rocks, mountains, houses, gardens and trees. This is a beautiful colour. Not only is it warm, it has a silky consistency and it’s vibrational frequency is a low humming purr that always makes me feel relaxed and contented.

Feeling at home with an abode, environment, location, person, group of friends, community, job, career, or even our own body, gives us a classic ‘Home Brown’ feeling of belonging and fitting in. Feeling ‘at home with’ makes us feel safe, comfortable and welcome. We can relax into this sense of belonging in a way that helps us settle and put down roots. We also begin to accept ourselves more deeply than we ever have before, almost as though we are coming home to ourselves.

When home is a person, we usually settle down with them for life, because we have finally found that special someone who totally accepts, honours and loves us for who we are. When home is a group of friends there is a deep sense of trust and mutual support. Home can also be a like-minded community we feel accepted and understood by. This colour frequency provides us with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction; a sense that the long journey or search is over and we have finally found our ‘place’ in the world.

This is a very natural colour to find in the aura of farmers, gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists, rangers, environmentalists, nature lovers and anyone who has a strong bond with the land. People who wear a lot of Home Brown often earn their living from the land. Unlike Conservative Brown thinkers who tend to see the land purely as a material resource, Home Brown personality types love and respect the planet as a living being and are concerned with preserving ecological balance.

Home Brown teaches us that we are part of a larger whole on a very physical level, just as White teaches us we are part of the whole on an energy level. We are all made out of the same elemental materials. We are part of a living, breathing ecosystem which requires harmonious interaction between its various parts in order to maintain healthy balance. Home Brown teaches us to live in harmony with our environment because it is our home; our larger body.