Mocha chocha zebra cake

When I’m not inventing cakes, I’m making variations on Emily von Euw’s cakes. I consider her my cake teacher! This is a cake I made using one of her recipes. It’s a favourite of ours; probably the most more-ish recipe I’ve found so far (so I don’t make it too often because we might eat too much and then it wouldn’t be incredible any more.) I used stevia as the sweetener, and organic decaff. I love the marbled pattern it got this time. Usually, the idea is to put the cake in the freezer to harden a little before you add the last layer. It’s actually more fun when you don’t, because they mix together in interesting ways, hence my zebra pattern! I love zebras. If you like the look of this recipe, you might want to buy Emily’s book, Rawsome Vegan Baking. Or you could come eat some for free at my clinic while attending one of my ‘Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret’ private screenings. Yes, I’m bribing you with cake. It’s shameless isn’t it?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA