Tulips, Sunflowers and Van Gogh

Little bit excited. Two days in Amsterdam on a house boat, coming up! Look like we’ll be visiting the flower market and I can snap away with my camera to my hearts content. I can’t believe I’m going somewhere where people love tulips as much as I do!

Then after that, we’ll go visit a vegan cafe, and then on to the Van Gogh museum, to see his Sunflowers painting. I took some great sunflower photos at a friends house the other day, while being taken on  tour of her garden. I was crazy about sunflowers as a kid, and loved collecting the seeds from our giant sunflowers in the back yard in Alice Springs. I think I would like to sketch one of these paintings, in honour of the bee in particular. It takes a LOT of hard work to create a little bit of honey. I hope this bee gets to keep his/her honey. Bee spirit medicine comes through often during healing sessions with healing and guidance for my clients.