Omanisa the Wanderer

IMG_6090I’m writing a post to test out my equipment for the trip through Europe, because I want to be able to blog as I go. Writing helps me process and appreciate my experiences, not to mention the joy of sharing. We couldn’t take the laptop because Steve needs to leave it with his partner for work. I only have a desk top. All that left us with was a half-buried thinagamy gadget that I haven’t quite got my head around, called a tablet. I purchased it second hand a while back but had a rough time getting it to work for me when using wordpress, which is the main thing I needed a computer for when travelling.
The tablet has a touch screen and oh my goodness, the arguments we would have with one another when it come to writing a blog! It just wouldn’t cooperate and I would always give up in exasperation. The last trip I went on, I left the stupid thing behind in protest. But!

I have had a break-through! I just hooked my keyboard up to the tablet, using the one and only port it has… and then plugged the toggle for the wireless mouse into the keyboard, which has two ports. Yay! For the first time ever, I’m writing a blog on my tablet and it’s working! *happy dance* Hmmm It’s doing a few annoying things, but it still a vast improvement.

We will be going to Ireland, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Innisbruck, Vorderlanersbach, Prague, and London. I have a new camera and am really looking forward to my time hiking through the Austrian Alps and exploring the Kew Gardens.

I just checked to see if I could upload photos from my camera. Amazing. That works too. Which means I can upload and clear my memory stick on a regular basis.

This is a photograph of Hibbertia, although I think it may be upside down……

My nick-name for this flower is soak-the-dawn, because it opens at dawn and then drops its petals a few hours later as the heat of the day sets in. It helps you slow down and savour the moment, something I’ve been talking with my clients a lot about lately, and it also improves cognitive function (eg memory, concentration, learning skills). I’ve noticed other practitioner using it to clear ‘parasites’ (foreign bodies) from the aura and have tested it out for this- it works really well! I think what it does is clear negative fear-based suggestion from the mind and aura. It’s not fun working with people who are mired in fear about psychic phenomena and it’s so alien to the way I work, the way I think, the mood i bring to things…. so when freaked-out people rub off on my aura, I use this remedy to clear the mess and my mindbody returns to its usual happy state.