The Blame Aura : muddy brown and red streaked orange

This colour appears in the aura when we habitually either take or too much responsibility or don’t take any at all.

In the first instance we are blaming ourselves or taking all the blame. This can take many forms:

*Some will be dignified, proud and very much at the mercy of their own high standards. These people tend to have royal blue, dark green colours and salmon red/pink in the aura. They carry too much responsibility without accepting support. This weighs down the shoulders, making the colour frequencies of the heart and throat heavy and deep, due to the lack of circulation and incoming light. The greater the martyrdom, the harder and darker the colours become, sometimes taking on a murky muddiness or loss of clarity and sparkle. Blame orange in an aura like this will feel like a groan; if you listen to your body empathically while in the presence of an aura like this, you will feel tense as though stretched to the limit.

*Others will take too much responsibility in more of a shame-based manner. They might worry constantly about how they are affecting others, being overly apologetic and self-effacing. These people tend towards excessive guilt and low self worth. Some of their aura colours are pale and washed out- especially the yellow frequencies. They also tend towards slimy yellow-green aura colours and gritty mustard aura colours. Blame orange in a shame-based aura will tend to look like an open wound that won’t heal, and you will feel a lot of heart-chakra pain (an empathic tightening or ache in your chest).

In the second pattern, we are blaming others. Here are some variations:

*If there is a lot of self-pity, you will tend to see Blame Orange alongside pale wispy greys and dark green colours, especially shades and textures that might put one in mind of avocado or crocodile skin. Being able to grieve for and feel compassion for ourselves and what we have been through (or what we don’t have etc) is important, but when it becomes habitual, self-pity tends to give rise to self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, resentment, resignation, and sullen/sulky/angry depression. These people often feel angry at themselves, and some of them deflect this anger outwards onto others (Feeling angry at myself is uncomfortable, so I’m going to blame you instead, that way I don’t actually have to take any responsibility for myself). The blame colour in an aura like this will tend to appear as jagged shards of colour, festering acid-like bubbles, or burning hot coals.

*Some of us blame others without really having much apparent self-pity or anger. These people can be quite upbeat and pleasant to be around, so long as you don’t need them to take responsibility for something. Their responses to potential responsibility vary, but generally revolve around escapism in one form or another; they might leave town, pretend it isn’t happening, put it off, watch TV instead, sleep in, and be baffled as to why someone is angry with them for not following through. Some will be selfish and lacking in empathy. These people tend to have brighter, more cheerful colours in their aura (especially orange colours), alongside of dull plumy purples. There will often be a strange mix of extroverted cheerful aura colours alongside cold, dry, hard, grey-tinged colours (e.g. ice blue, eucalypt green). The blame colour in an aura like this generally functions as a blockage that blocks energy flow through the aura, or a hole like an empty mouth that can’t be satisfied. If you dig deep enough, you will still  find anger, but it tends to be deep in the aura, buried in early childhood (e.g. anger at a parent, not getting needs met, trust issues etc).

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