Finch Spirit Medicine


I had the sudden urge to paint today, after seeing finches in my garden. I love the way they flit about. It makes me feel bright and happy. I wanted to use paint and water but felt a little nervous at first and almost didn’t because I feel so much more confident with chalks, but I pushed past that and let myself go. It’s a pity my paints are so old and dried up though!

I didn’t really start with a plan beyond the vague idea that I wanted grasses in the picture. The rest of the image created itself as I went along and there were many moments where I thought I had stuffed it up, or as Grandpa would have put it ‘mucked-it-all-up’, but I somehow recovered. I love the way mistakes can take you in unexpected directions.

This finch is offering us seeds. She is a young female and she wants us to put out our hand and accept her gift of life. “From little things, big things grow”, she says.

Wen I put out my hand to accept her seed, she not only drops into into the palm of my hand, she nudges it with her beak, pushing it up my arm and into a space in my throat chakra, dropping it in though a hole and hopping about restlessly on her feet as though pleased with herself. Now she has found my holes, my openings, she is bringing seeds straight to them- I can see spaces amongst the fibres in my throat chakra, like little windows or portals into my depths and she is dropping a seed into each one.

“Don’t be afraid to reach for your potentials. Do it with joy and brightness. Stay free from the pressures that surround you. Dip into your depths and dance them to life with a shout of glee!”

If you would like help reaching for your potentials with light-hearted joy and delight, open the palm of your hand and watch as this beautiful young lass drops a seed of light into your palm. Absorb this gift into your heart. Give thanks and know you are always being supported by Spirit.

Blessed Be


    • Thank you! The sketches and painting I’ve done this year have really surprised me. Maybe what I learned in art class a few years back has had a chance to sink in. I felt completely out of my depth at the time though!

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