The Forgiveness Cake

Fiona 11-11-14 138Yesterday a friend and her daughter came over for lunch, and they brought with them a few slices of this beautiful cake. It not only looked amazing, it tasted incredible too. I really loved the magic in this cake and could feel its effects on me even before it arrived, while it was being dreamt up and concocted over the weekend. I also felt a beautiful connection with the sacred geometry work incorporated into the cake, taught to my friend by a lovely lady named Starina.

I asked Fiona if she would mind if we created a blog to share with others, featuring the cake, her recipe and a link to Starina’s star symbols, and she said yes! So here is a story from Fiona, with photos scattered throughout, and a link to Starina’s work at the bottom. Fiona’s journey has very much mirrored my own this year, and it has been such a gift to receive this cake and the symbol embedded within, at the perfect moment, from two such beautiful women. This has transformed my heart. 

Fiona 11-11-14 139My Journey to Forgiveness.

By Fiona

“What a week it was Last week! It began with a roller coaster of emotion, stirred up by an Astrological storm causing my relationships with others to reflect some deep childhood wounding and unlock memories I’d completely forgotten were there. The funny thing was these memories in need of healing had been calling out to me all year, trying to get my attention through physical conditions I hadnt experienced since the time of the initial events, and I was finally joining the dots.

With all this new information, and having recenly learned Galactic Reiki, a powerful transformational new system of Reiki based on the traditional Usui sysem that cobines Galactic energies and the Sacred Symbols of the stars channelled by Starina Nightsky, I had the forgiveness symbol from the second series appear before me repeatedly. It kept floating down gracefully from source, whispering gently to me to forgive.


Each time it worked its magic on me, I saw more and more clearly the truth of each painful situation. All the lessons became crystal clear, and I felt an increasing sense of freedom. I fell so in love with this energy with its beautiful bright red and its shimmering Gold, and the fact it Knew I needed it before I even had a clue, like an Angel that appears out of nowhere in moments of grace.

These symbols are magical, with a life force and intelligence of their own, they are truly a gift to us all!. So, with all this magic I decided to harness it and use it in the best way I know for me. I had experimented with a few magic cakes that I had made for chakra balancing months before, and had wanted to make another but could not settle on a reason or intention for the cake. So, it was only logical that I make a cake.

I started with the essence. The timing seemed perfect to create an essence using the symbol and crystals in red and gold, because it was a week of a waxing moon, so I used this energy of letting go to also help infuse the magic of forgiveness into the essence, allowing the essence 5 nights to infuse. On the morning after the full moon I added the final ingredient that would allow the energy to set.

Then it was all about creating a recipe that would also enhance the energy of forgiveness. I considered the effects of herbs and fruits, and it needed to be vegan too. I also wanted the cake to be beautiful and comforting and something you would just want to melt into, as that is what forgiveness is about. Forgiveness is when you arrive bruised and battered (sometimes by your own hands) into the arms of the ability to let go! It’s finally giving up the battle of who is right and who is wrong and accepting that what is passed is now passed and you are ready to embrace all the truth and the lessons without judgement.

When we finally find forgiveness after all the necessary steps in between we come to the end of that cycle and the greatest reward is that we are given our true self back. The part of us that is connected to the state of Love returns. And so, by the time I finally made the cake I was feeling it BIG TIME! I felt like I had come home. What a blessing these symbols are!”

Fiona 11-11-14 140Forgiveness Cake.

2 cups of Plain Flour
1 Cup of coconut Palm sugar
1 tsp of Baking Soda
1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt
1 Tbsp of dried Rose petals
1/2 Tbsp of dried Lavender
the seeds of 1 Vanilla Pod
1/2 cup of Forgiveness Essence
1/2 cup of Macedamia milk
1 cup of coconut Oil
2 Tbs of Lemon Juice
1 cup of halved frozen cherries

Fiona 11-11-14 135-2

Sift all the dry ingredients. Combine all the Wet ingredients, and add to the dry mix. Combine all the ingredients usig a wooden spoon but don’t over mix.
Bake in 180C oven or 160C fan forced for 30-35 mins. Test by inserting a skewer. leave the cake to cool in the tin for ten minutes, then turn out nto a wire rack to cool.

Fiona 11-11-14 137


2 Tbsp of Coconut cream
1 Tbsp of Mayvers Original super spread
the seeds of 1 Vanilla Pod
1 tsp of Forgiveness essence

Mix together in a small bowl and spread lightly over the cake. Then Decorate with Strawberries and Rose Petals.

“I cannot say enough how magical these symbols are, if you would like to check them out yourself and all the amazing creations and workshops by Starina Nightsky please go to or or find her on Facebook at The Galactic Goddess Sacred symbols of the Stars Artwork & Workshops.