Talking with Camels

Omi camel1Thank you to mum for this old photo. This has been up on mum’s photo board for as long as I can remember. It’s one of my favourites. I’m not sure how old I am here. 7 or 8 years old perhaps? I’m guessing these are Hal’s camels and the one I’m with is probably Sam. I love camels.

The funny thing is, I found this photograph quite by accident yesterday, after it went missing for over a year, on exactly the same day camel spirit medicine helped me during a healing with a client. I was shown a blockage in her throat chakra and ‘went in’ to it. ‘Going in’ means diving, melting, falling into this part of the energy field with my mind, my focus, my awareness…. while also sliding my energy hand into the chakra so I can feel around.

At the same time, I listen to my body and notice how it feels. The empathic connection helps me feel what the client is feeling… or at least, what their body/subconscious is feeling! Going into this blockage and feeling around it, I noticed a strange sensation in my tongue and I kept seeing a camel with a bit in his mouth. My tongue felt tight, bound, fat and stiff at the base. It seemed as though it was hard for me to talk. I also noticed the feeling I get in my body when I feel ashamed or humiliated; the feeling I get when I think other people think I am stupid!

Sure enough, when I checked in with the client, she told me that she feels self-conscious about speaking up because she isn’t as articulate or well-educated as those around her. She’s actually a very intelligent women, she just doesn’t have the education and industry ‘lingo’ to hold her own amongst others who sound more knowledgable and this tends to make her clam up when she could be contributing very valuable insights.

I had an hilarious time unblocking this wound! I gave the client some visualisation exercises that helped with self-worth while I wrapped my hand around the blockage and pulled. Then I started shifting, or letting go of, the empathic felt-sense in my mouth and tongue, so I imagined being a camel and spitting! Camels have this glorious sassiness: a cheeky I-don’t-care-what-you-think disposition that puts me in mind of a three year old defiantly blowing raspberries.

Very different from horses. Even when tame, most camels will still tell you to go stuff yourself if you push them too far. Definitely a mark of self-respect!

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