Contentment and Savouring

One of my favourite new tricks I’ve been mastering over the past two years is the art of savouring and practising contentment. It’s so much fun! Makes you feel so happy and peaceful.

Here are some really cool, basic ways to use this tool. Each one is tied in with time:


Savour this moment. Appreciate and enjoy it. What is it about this moment that is special, unique, enjoyable? How would you feel if life was perfect just the way it is? How would your body, heart and mind feel if you were contented? Imagine being able to accept your life as it is right now… A surrendering; a faith that this moment is perfect, even when it isn’t: life is full of paradoxical truths. Accepting imperfection as part of perfection is a good example.

If this moment is challenging you, try surrendering what you can’t control, and finding an empowering way to look at the situation you are in. If you can’t do either, be willing to do this sometime in the future: be open to the idea of surrendering, accepting, reframing etc.


One of my most favourite versions of savouring is ‘savouring anticipation’. I love it! It’s a feeling if stretching out the pleasure of anticipation. There are so many good things to look forwards to. When we deliverately look for and see evidence of positive change and growth within ourselves and our lives (however small), this helps us accept that the future could get even better. This can make the future seem just a little bit more friendly, not so scary or heavy or dreary.


Savouring the past! Savouring really scrummy past moments is one of the best uses of memory, in my opinion, because it helps us re-access (invoke) a high quality past experience or ‘reference point’ within the aura (mindbody/psyche).

Recalling the feeling of a positive past moment and anchoring it into your now moment helps you practise this mood until it becomes second nature: a new mood you can maintain in the face of challenges.