New year reflections

I’t s my first week back at work for the new year and I’m loving it. Here are some highlights for me:

*Seeing the very tangible physical change on a client’s face. She has had subtle shifts in perspective over the past four months or so, and it’s showing on her face. She looks so much more open and warm. Her face flows fluidly from one natural emotion to the next. She still has a beautiful, regal composure to her, but gone is the almost plastic, robotic stiffness to her features. She seems approachable now, at times warm and inviting. I love the way laughter will spill from her spontaneously now; the way she is a little more animated, rather then seeming guarded. The light is starting to come back on in her eyes.

*That funny moment when a client had her very first past life healing with me and was probably wondering why on earth we hadn’t been doing these wonderful things right from the get go! To me it was just another healing, but I must say, I am extremely happy we have gotten to this point; spontaneous past lifers generally don’t happen unless the client is handing themselves over to Spirit and I in trust. Some clients, without realising it, try to control the healing sessions. They have strong ideas about what they want from me as a practitioner and these expectations can stifle the session. To do a really good job, it helps if I have some receptivity and surrender from my clients. Too much demand, expectation and control tends to shut me down and hamper my capacity to facilitate a really good quality healing.

*A beautiful healing with a client who quickly went into an altered state and helped carry me through the session. I was getting too caught up in my intellect and was a little distracted because I’d just heard about the death of a family friend. This beautiful man, being none the wiser to any of this, inadvertently extended me a lifeline by sharing the imagery he was experiencing. I relaxed, let go and just trusted my instincts. I had no idea what was happening in this healing but Spirit did and it was perfect.

*Those lovely moments when the birds sing at just the right moment, thunder rolls right on cue or the wind picks up when we are working with wind as a healing device. I love the magical synchronicity, that sense of being held, supported and carried in the loving arms of life.

*The compassion I felt for a client who seems to have so much and yet is so far from contented peace. I saw myself in him and yet all I could do was surrender because he simply has to walk this path and go through the pain before he can emerge from the illusions he is currently trapped within. I gave thanks for my own learned capacity for contentment, and for the mirror he was reflecting back to me. I feel deeply grateful for the freedom learned contentment gives me. So many of us are trapped in a desperate cycle of acquisition and accomplishment that doesn’t nourish the core essence of who we are. When we heal our childhood wounds to do with self-worth and shame, we stop trying to prove ourselves to parents who are incapable of being impressed with us and we start living more authentic lives.