Listen Blue (aura colour)

(Excerpt from Omanisa’s book: Aura Colour Therapy)

This aura colour often reminds me of the blue clothing worn by ‘little boy blue’ in the nursery rhyme. Like cloth, it has a textured, finely woven feel to it. It can contain spiralling energy lines or seem grainy and slightly rough in texture. Visually, it appears to be matt, rather than shiny or sparkly, and it has more of a dense solid feel to it, rather than being wispy or cloud-like.

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Listen Blue enhances our ability to listen attentively and focus on the person who is speaking, so we can gather knowledge and skills. To ensure we have heard and understood, we need to repeat the instructions or information back to the speaker or teacher using our own words. This is called active listening. We cannot listen actively if our mind wanders off, we interrupt people, or we mentally compose what we are going to say next while the other person is still speaking.
Rather than strutting about trying to convince people that we know everything already, Listen Blue encourages us to be open to learning from others. People who wear Listen Blue as a personality colour respect other people as valuable sources of knowledge and information, especially when those people are older or more experienced. After all, it makes sense to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than go through the trouble of making them yourself!
Listen Blue people listen carefully with an open mind, rather than erecting barriers based on ego, judgements and preconceived ideas. By no means gullible or easily influenced by others, they simply take everything in, weigh it all up and make a calculated, informed, yet independent decision based on all the information available. Listen Blue is one of the primary clairaudient colours, enhancing our psychic ability to read between the lines and hear what is really being said. People with natural skills in this area can usually tell when people are lying to them.
I sometimes call Listen Blue the apprenticeship colour because it appears in the aura when we are learning on-the-job skills alongside a mentor or more experienced person. People wearing this colour may be undertaking training, providing training or they may simply be better suited to a hands-on style of learning or teaching.
Often representing young people, Listen Blue most specifically represents young men in their teens and twenties who are focussed on developing career skills. This is an excellent colour for mutually beneficial relationships between youth and wise elders. Elders need to be valued for their wealth of life experience and youth need to inherit the elders wisdom so that this wisdom can be preserved and built upon by each successive generation.
While Listen Blue can represent a particular kind of personality and accompanying skills, it can also be a reminder to listen and be open to taking advice from other people, especially elders. If you are already listening and demonstrating the skills outlined above, well done. If you find it more difficult to listen to well-meaning advice from others without getting grumpy about it, you may need to take a deep breath and embrace the wisdom of this colour. If advice from others is pressing your buttons, ask yourself why it is getting such a rise from you.
Even when our elders repeat themselves or assume we know less than we do, we can still have the maturity to humour them and be polite. It’s undignified and immature to be impatient with people and over-defend our ego because we need other people to know how clever we really are. It doesn’t take much to smile and keep listening or to find a polite way to redirect the conversation along pathways that hold more interest for us. Listen to others in the manner you yourself would like to be listened to.
Listen Blue is excellent for students, people learning new practical skills and those who want to learn how to listen attentively without interrupting. This is a particularly useful colour for helping us overcome ego based ‘know it all’ resistance to guidance from others. It can also help us shift from self-conscious inattention to a more confident focus on the task at hand. Imagine wearing this colour around the ear and throat areas, perhaps like a blue scarf around the throat and elephant sized blue ears like radar dishes.