Working with Om

The older I get, the clearer I’m becoming about who I am as a practitioner, and who I am not. I know where my passions and strengths lie, and in an ever-unfolding act of self-love, I allow ‘what is not me’ to fall away whilst in pursuit of greater authenticity.

At times, this has meant saying good bye to certain modalities, clients, product lines and ways of working. It has meant saying no to supplements, massage and being part of the private health care rebate system.

My contribution to the health of those who come to see me, is primarily about enhancing their mindfulness or self-awareness, particularly in terms of mental, emotional and spiritual well being. I love helping people grow and become more whole and balanced within themselves. Give me a choice between working with natural remedies to resolve a physical condition or helping a client understand why she keeps experiencing the same relationship patterns over and over again…. and I will always choose the later.

So with this in mind, I’m writing this page for potential new clients, or old clients who may be a little out of touch with who I am becoming… this is a page describing how I do and don’t want to work, and by extension, who and I do and don’t want to work with, and why. I want to work with JOY. It isn’t much fun for either of us, when you come with expectations I cannot or will not meet. So let’s clarify the parameters:

Working with Joy

What fulfils me as a practitioner?

My ideal client is a holistic thinker; someone who understands we are more than just a physical, mechanic body. These clients are interested in mind-body connections. They want to explore how their thinking can influence their emotions, behaviour and physical health. They understand that when I make an adjustment in the leg, it can make all the difference to the heart, because every part of our body is interconnected as a whole.

I love working with people who are well and truly on their spiritual journey through life. This doesn’t mean you have to be meditating and chanting or believing the same things I do. I just prefer working with people who are enquiring deeply into the nature of their own lives. I love working with people who are asking themselves what brings deeper meaning and purpose to their lives. And I admire people who live their lives with integrity by caring about the impact they have on others and taking responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings. These people take ownership over their own ‘stuff’ instead of projecting it onto others.

I want my clients to be looking for patterns in their lives, between cause and effect; noticing how choices and behaviours lead to circumstances, and continually learning to make better choices. I am deeply passionate about teaching people how to feel safe with their emotions, even the uncomfortable ones, so they can work through them. And I want to teach people how to care for themselves with tools like conscious self-parenting, and psychic self-care skills like grounding, centring and clearing.

I love working with creative, imaginative people who are able to grasp abstract concepts delivered in the form of metaphors and visual analogies. I love helping people see old patterns in their lives so they can begin weaving new patterns through their lives that are healthier. I love story telling, and the exploration of character through working with the inner selves and spirit guides. I absolutely adore the cross-referencing of spirituality, psychology, neuroscience and psychic ability: this is who I am (with a dash of colour, playfulness and creativity thrown in of course!)

Finally, for all my spirituality, I am passionate about pragmatism, and a deep believer in the value of grounded practical thought and action. This can be summed up in the following philosophy: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t or won’t change it, change the way you are looking at it.” Nothing excites me more than the magic of practical action combined with dynamic shifts in perspective.

Please don’t come to me if:

You are expecting mainstream naturopathic treatment. If all you want is help with a physical ailment and you have no interest in exploring mind-body connection, please go to another practitioner. I’m happy to work with physical ailments so long as the focus is more holistic. Physical ailments can be fantastic avenues for enhanced personal growth. A lot of my clients go to other naturopaths for help with the physical side of an ailment and then they come to me for help with addressing the behaviours, personality traits and unresolved emotional material that might be contributing to their physical ailment.

Please don’t come to me for mediumship. Yes, you might have heard that I do this work. I do, but only within the broader context of my role as a healer. I definitely do not do it on demand. If one of your deceased loved ones decides to talk to me, I will tell you, but please don’t come with this need front and foremost in your mind. If you need mediumship, please go to a medium.

I am not a fortune teller. This expectation, more than most, really rubs me up the wrong way. I am not interested in predicting your future, or making your decisions for you. We are here to make our own decisions in life and to learn from them, not to hand responsibility for our choices over to a psychic. Yes I am psychic, yes I am ‘clairvoyant’ (you have no idea how annoying that word is) and yes I am good with prediction but this doesn’t mean I like it or want to do it. As with mediumship, if a prediction arises, it will come of its own accord, not because a client is demanding it or expecting it. Prediction within the context of healing and spiritual counselling is fine, but I can spot prediction junkies a mile off and I am becoming quite stubborn about refusing to jump through hoops. To clarify this further, the future is not set in stone (it’s constantly changing) and people have no idea how complex prediction actually is. There are so many variables to take into account. I’m being most accurate with predictions when I give percentage likelihoods of outcomes, but what an awful and tragic waste of my time and energy! Please, if you want predictions, go to a fortune teller and leave me in peace.

Please do not come to me if you are afraid you are under psychic attack, or you’ve been possessed, or someone has put a spell on you, or your house is haunted or a ghost is bothering you etc. What you need is a witch-doctor and I am not that. I’m really not interested in perpetuating paranoia and fear. There’s enough of that in the world already. My psychic/spiritual world is filled with light and joy, warmth and friendship. I do not fill my heart and mind with negative imagery and feelings, and I’m not interested in repeatedly banishing ‘demons’ from people who have no intention of taking ownership over their own mental and emotional space. Your psychic world is a reflection of your inner world. Your best protection is positivity and the development of mindful self-awareness. Make friends with people who can role-model this for you.

Here are some Kahuna energy laws that explain my philosophies:

The world is what you think it is

There are no limits. We are all One.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Now is the moment of power.

To love is to be happy.

All power comes from within.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth.