Co-creating your spirit guide

Spirituality is a creative process and spirit loves being involved in your creations and co-creating with you. The image, name and identity we have for a spirit guide is simply a mental construct; an idea or image through which spirit communicates. It isn’t real. Spirit is energy. Spirit is frequency. Being human we give spirit an identity based on our human, physical experience. Bodies, names, identities, gender… are human ideas.

When I see an image of a spirit guide in my mind, I do not mistake the image for the guide animating it, just as spirit does not mistake our body for us. Like spirit, we are more than just a body, an identity or a name; we are energy, we are frequency – this is our core essence.

Quite often the outer cover is an expression of the core; a representation. Some bodies are fairly accurate representations of the spirit contained within, but others aren’t. It’s the same with spirit guides. We don’t have to come up with the perfect name and physical identity for a guide. Names and physical identities are not the reality hidden underneath.

Your guides have a very strong desire to communicate with you. It won’t matter to them what image is used as the communication medium unless this image detracts from the quality and clarity of the conversation. It’s the message, and the quality of the message, that ultimately matters, not the outer casing or medium through which the message is delivered.

We humans tend to get waylaid by questions like “what does my guide look like?” and “what is his/her name?”. I don’t mean to say these thing don’t matter at all, because without them our humans minds can get a little lost, it’s just that we take them too literally. We do need something a little more concrete than energy/frequency to focus on and communicate with, otherwise the experience becomes too vague. Having a well-defined character to focus on generally makes the message easier to comprehend.

So if you want to communicate with your spirit guides, stop sitting around waiting for it to happen and give them something to communicate through. Give them something to work with! Be proactive and create a character. This character will be a co-creation with spirit, especially if you allow your inner child, imagination and intuition some free rein. Spirit will meet you half way, in the realm of your imagination and guide you.

The name you make up might not be that far off the mark. The gender you assign your spirit guide will probably be quite appropriate. The physical stature you imagine your guide having might well be exactly how that guide imagines they would look if they were human with physical form. Nothing you come up with will be entirely accurate because spirit isn’t physical, but it will have personal meaning for you, and that’s all that matters.