An interview with Lola March

This is an interview Omanisa did with Lola in April 2015, as part of a series of practitioner interviews. Lola is an Intuitive Healer and a Meditation Teacher in Darwin, Australia. 

20140802_095818Can you describe what you do?

My work as a healer is very intuitive. When a client comes in during our talk I get a feeling intuitively about the location of their blockages and where the healing session needs to go.

Every client that comes to me, I work with differently. I don’t have a set approach I use with every person. I feel the client’s aura, more so than seeing it. The ‘seeing’ is gradually becoming stronger.

After a short discussion, the session focuses on the chakras or sometimes I ask them to choose an Aura Card and notice if it has any meaning for them. I don’t explain the card to them. The card provides me with insight to the direction of the session. I tell them that they are welcome to look at the written meaning for that colour in the book at the end of the session.

I love working with crystals I have around the room, and feel intuitively guided to place them on the client’s body in specific locations during the session.20150430_084703

I’ve heard that you teach meditation?

I facilitate meditation on Thursday evenings at Lotus Heart Health, this is an intense breathing technique. It has been developed based on my learnings in Bali and my own experiences. It’s a colour breathing technique designed to open and balance the chakras. Each person is given a healing and blessing. Sometimes Aura Cards are used during the meditation.

Other meditation styles I facilitate include gentle breathing techniques, creative visualisation and I’m currently working on a Goddess Mediation. During these sessions I guide them through a grounding process and connect them with Mother Earth. These meditations are excellent for people who are stressed and suffer from illnesses. These sessions are held at NT Lifestyle Studios.

Will you tell me a bit more about your own healing journey and how you became a healer?

Essentially, my healing journey began with me working on myself. I have been on my own healing journey for at least fifteen years, but in the meantime, I had people coming to me, telling me their problems. I used to feel as though I was taking on their problems. The other person would seem happy the next day but I would feel terrible! Eventually I learned, from extensive reading and research, that I’m an empath and need to set better boundaries.

I’ve had some very difficult challenges in my life. I suffered childhood abuse, have lived on the streets and in refuges, I’ve had a near-death experiences and have been in abusive relationships until now. In addition, I have seen the other side, having everything money can buy, cars, clothes, world travelling and none of it made me happy.

I had to stand back and learn to take stock of my journey, to ask myself why these things were happening and how I could learn and grow from them.

It wasn’t until the end of my last marriage and finishing university that I said ‘What next?” I decided to throw caution to the wind and travel. I put everything in storage and backpacked with an NGO to remote villages in Indonesia. That really opened my eyes and appreciate life even more. I saw people who work hard just to get clean water. It really puts life into perspective. All that other stuff was just stuff!

After six weeks of doing that I decided to travel on my own and backpacked through various parts of Indonesia , for a couple of weeks. I loved it! It was crazy, but so empowering. It really helped me trust myself and my own judgment. The eruption of a volcano forced me to move to Bali and lived in Ubud for a year. I made beautiful connections with spiritual people, learning so much about myself and meditation. I was adopted by a Balinese family and lived with them for a while. They honoured me and included me in their special ceremonies.20140521_083646

After this experience I really started putting all the pieces together. I went on a silent retreat in Bali and was amazed to overcome the mental chatter and find my real self underneath. I found my direction and began my healing journey.

Getting sick in Bali was a sign I needed to return home. When I came back, I starting doing healings for people and getting wonderful results, so I began working professionally. But socially, I felt a bit lonely and disconnected. I’m such a social butterfly, so I started arranging dinners where I could meet other people and connect with them. I love networking!

This has evolved into a word-of-mouth Introduction business. A number of single people come to me thinking they need a relationship, however when I scan them intuitively, I find myself saying “You need a relationship with yourself”. So many people think they need a relationship to fill a gap or to make them feel happy. These people need healing; they need to learn to love themselves first, before they can find love.

What do you love the most about your healing work?

I love the fact that I can facilitate this beautiful growth. I love watching people blossom. It fulfils me so much. They come with a dark cloud and then they grow spiritually and emotionally.. Some of these people have physical pain and the sessions aid them in relieving pain and promoting the healing process. The more people understand themselves and the path to happiness, the more beautiful our world will become. I believe ‘Wellness Begins Within’, this is my motto.

My clients are mostly from word of mouth, they experience a wonderful change in their life and they tell their family and friends. They want them to experience the same wonderful changes.

20140702_090452Do you have a vision for the future?

I would really like to be able to help adult survivors of childhood abuse. I’ve been through it myself and I know it’s a lifetime’s work of healing. I want to help people release themselves from the burden of the painful emotions they have locked inside them. I want to help break the cycles that run through generations.

My main goal and ambition is to run workshops for people who come to me and are at a point where they are ready to open up and explore. I am not about convincing anyone they ‘should’, as everyone has their own journey and some people feel safer walking with blinkers on and it is not my place to interfere or divert them. By bringing awareness to those who are ready, I can make a positive difference. When people see others tackling issues and moving forward, they may then want to try it themselves.

If you would like to work with Lola, or make enquiries about her services, please contact her on 0422687717 or email her on Here is a link to her Facebook page: Lola March Wellness