Healing Meditation : Fan Flower


This is a sketch of a flower fairy I met on my Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia. She belongs to a family of flowers called “fan” or “hand” flowers, because of their unique one-sided shape, but my inner child thinks of her as a “moth” flower, because she looks like a moth when her petals are only half opened.

Here is a snippet from my book….

“The first fan flower greeted me by entering my heart chakra and sweeping it clean like a broom. With every sweep, I could feel it pushing against the inner walls of my heart chakra, making them stretch and expand outwards. My heart-space began to feel larger, as though there were more room inside me for love. I felt like I could love more people and love all of them more than I had ever been able to love anyone before…”. (click here to read more)

Fan flowers open and cleanse your aura, especially your heart chakra. I’ve created a short meditation to help you connect with the spirit of this flower medicine below…

Screenshot 2015-05-22 15.43.29

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