Food Spirit Medicine

As a healer, I work with spirit guides and spiritual energies from many parts of nature, and with my love for food-as-medicine and my background as a naturopath, I have a special affinity for food spirit medicine.

What is food spirit medicine?

Food spirit medicine is the spiritual healing energy of plants we consume as food. Foods don’t just have a mechanical and chemical impact on the body, they have a spiritual healing effect on the aura or energy field. We don’t have to eat these foods to access the healing from a food, however. In just the same way that we can call on an angel to protect us, or the spirit of a mountain or a tree to ground us and lend us strength, we can call on the spirit of a food to bring us healing medicine.

While I have a specialised healing package designed to help people connect with food spirit medicine  (the Plant Spirit Healing), food spirits sometimes appear when I am creating personalised Aura Healing packages for a clients. This happened recently, with a beautiful woman stepping forward in a halo of light into the guidance position in my client’s aura, so that her presence would be known to me. I felt as though she was from the plant kingdom and when I looked behind her I saw a fruit tree and heard the words ‘Nectarine Goddess’. The Nectarine Goddess channelled messages through for my client about the importance of being gentle with oneself, and savouring the sweetness in one’s life.

While personified versions of plant spirit medicine come through occasionally during Aura Healings and Spirit Guide Sketches, in Plant Spirit Healings the plant spirit medicine comes through in a very different way. First, the client’s personal healing guide appears to me. Then he or she calls in plant spirit medicine and uses it as herbal medicine for the aura.

In a recent Plant Spirit Healing, the wise woman removed a wounded aspect of self from the front of the client’s aura, between the heart and throat chakra on her left hand side. A massive gapping hole in the aura remained, and into this, the wise woman pushed some rockmelon pulp. The rockmelon pulp softened and melted away dark, clotted blockages within the wound. These clots were hardened areas of old bleeding within the heart chakra, and are usually caused by shock, broken heart and betrayal. If they lock into the ‘hard clot’ stage and don’t soften and re-integrate with the heart chakra tissue, they interfere with energy flow throughout the heart chakra, resulting in emotional hardness, or heart-chakra cynicism and guardedness. This can negatively affect our relationships, and our capacity to give and receive love.

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On one level, the healing spirit guide in each healing is an archetypal/universal character or a basic template from which I am drawing, but each person’s healing guide is also very unique to them. I often sense beautiful back-drop stories about the relationship between the client and their healing guide when I am doing a lang Spirit Healing, such as past life, higher self or ancestral connections.

While women through history have often been the home herbalists, wise women, village witches, and plant-food gatherers, there have been male traditions in the herbal medicine field as well, such as herbalist monks, druids, male witches and professional healers in ancient traditions. The title ‘Wise Woman’ refers to a special tradition of home-healers that I personally feel very connected with; mothers passing herbal lore down to their daughters and so on down through the ages. My own wise woman herbal lore has its roots deeply embedded in my female ancestral line.