Aura Remedy – Releasing grief

IMG_5120Sometimes when we are sad, we express it in strange ways! We might get angry, for example. We might have a tantrum, shut people out, run away, or give up. We might not even really be aware of the grief…. we just feel “off” and we’re acting out, but we don’t know why. Releasing the grief behind this behaviour makes the behaviour go away.

Today I made a special Aura Remedy blend for helping people (and their children and/or inner child) through these troubling moments in life. This blend uses Apache tear to release the underlying grief, especially when this grief has to do with feeling helpless or powerless, unloved or misunderstood, rejected or abandoned. 

2015-05-29 12.43.58Apache Tear is a gem elixer. It’s a form of obsidian. Obsidian is a black stone that can be very empowering, strengthening and protective. Apache Tear is obsidian with a white patch, like a glistening tear on a dark night of the soul.

Kurrajong, a North Australian flower essence, stabilises the aura and psyche during the release of grief. Kurrajong helps us cope with changes and soothes separation anxiety. It helps us let go of the past, especially when we are in danger of toppling over because we refuse to let go of what is falling away. The emotion of grief is, in and of itself, the process of letting go.

Kurrajong is very effective when we feel like something is unfair and we’re struggling to work out what is, and what isn’t, our personal responsibility. On the one hand we might feel like we have to take responsibility for everything, when this clearly isn’t a healthy approach to life and can only lead to overwhelm, burnout and resentment. On the other, we might feel like we don’t want to take responsibility for anything, including ourselves. This can lead to a tendency to blame and feel too much self-pity, resorting to escapism rather than addressing issues in a grown-up manner.

Another ingredient in this blend is a gem elixir of Ruby. Ruby provides re-empowerment, especially if there is a feeling of depression and helplessness associated with the underlying grief. Sometimes when we are depressed, our inner fire goes out; we feel lacklustre, dull, apathetic and grey, like the ashes of a burned out fire. Ruby stirs our inner fire back to life, helping us step out of self-pity and a victim-mentality. Ruby also puts the passion back in our heart chakra after heart-break.

2015-06-01 15.29.09The addition of Ruby gem elixir to this blend is balanced by two aura colours that soften Ruby’s fiery nature; Compassion Orange and Playful Orange. One of the best gifts that the orange aura frequency blesses us with is the ability to adapt to change in healthy ways.

Compassion Orange opens us back up to our own softer feelings when we are feeling angry and hard in our heart. It helps us to be gentle with ourselves and others, and empathetic rather than oppositional and sarcastic. As the tantrum-throwing, clinging or rebelliously impossible-to-please inner child calms down as a result of the other ingredients working their magic, Playful Orange restores the playful inner child. Playful Orange re-engages us with fun, laughter, joy, delight and warm social connection. It’s impossible to stay angry for long, or to feel sorry for yourself in an “I’m-a-victim!” kind of way when Playful Orange is dancing through your aura.

If you would like to order this specific blend, or have Spirit select a blend for you, you can place on order on my Aura Remedy page.