Aura Remedy – Expressing your Authentic Self

2015-06-02 17.04.33This blend is useful for:

*Dissolving martyrdom, self-saboatge, co-dependency and addiction.

*Embracing life, and allowing yourself uninhibited self-expression.

*Improving and celebrating one’s sense of worth and deserving.

*Discovering your life purpose and reasons for incarnating in this life.

*Recovering strength, energy/motivation and self-belief.


Aura Colour Essence- Gold (Self-worth, Shining your Light, Wealth)

The Gold Aura Colour Essence clears the burnish from our aura and polishes up our Solar Plexus Chakra (positioned in the upper midriff) until it shines like a radiant sun. A radiant Solar Plexus Chakra emanates a glorious feeling of “Yes! I am me! I love being me!” This self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth remedy helps us embrace being ourselves, rather than being afraid to shine our unique identity out into the world around us.

This Aura Colour Essence can also help us take the stage and stand out from the crowd, liberating the hidden extrovert within. This is very useful if you have to speak in front of crowds or you tend to hang back and be shy rather than speaking up. With this particular blend containing gem elixirs for the Throat Chakra (Turquoise and Chrysocolla), “having the confidence to speak up” is a strong keynote.

Last, but not least, is the wealth enhancing facet of this essence. Our capacity to receive wealth is often directly proportional to our sense of worth and deserving. Gold Aura Essence melts away old self-worth wounds that may be blocking your capacity to receive, or seek, greater wealth, luxury and abundance.

Gem Elixir – Emerald 

Emerald Gem Elixir is a primarily Heart Chakra remedy. While the Solar Plexus Chakra helps us develop qualities such as good self-worth, clear self-identity and positive thinking, the Heart Chakra is all above love and relationships. Emerald nourishes and opens the Heart Chakra, helping us connect in healthy ways with others. This crystal elixir is very calming and soothing for our mind and emotions, helping us focus on the positive steps we can take to move forwards in our relationships, even when they are challenging us!

Emerald teaches us how to savour the moment. Life isn’t always going to be perfect, but there are always beautiful moments in amongst the chaos and disappointments. Emerald will show you how to melt into those little bliss-bombs so you can stretch the good moments out and use the good feelings they give you to ride more smoothly over the rough waves when they come.

Other gifts brought into our aura by Emerald include mental clarity, wisdom, discernment and eloquent self-expression. On the physical level of our being, Emerald is said to support the immune system, improve our vision and heal malignant conditions.

Gem Elixir – Turquoise

Turquoise gem elixir liberates the Throat Chakra, setting us free from old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions so that we can express our true self once again. As with the Gold Aura Essence, Turquoise Gem Elixir helps us with public speaking. As a Throat Chakra gem, Turquoise helps us know ourselves better and gives use permission to express ourselves. It helps us find (or recover) our voice so we can express ourselves clearly and unapologetically, without reservation. This life is to be lived! Turquoise dissolves fetters, melting away the invisible, self-imposed chains we are using to hold ourselves back.

Turquoise protects our aura from unwanted outside influences, such as pollutants and electromagnetic smog. It is said to be helpful for depression, exhaustion, disturbed immune function, and eye health.

Gem Elixir – Chrysocolla 

As with Turquoise and Emerald, this elixir protects against negativity, both our own and others. All three gems will bring about a feeling of peace. Like Turquoise, Chrysocolla supports the health of the Throat Chakra and encourages us to speak up, but it also teaches us when to be quiet. It motivates us to overcome phobias and take positive action This is one of my favourite elixirs for treating guilt! On a physical level, this remedy is said to be excellent for the lungs.

Gem Elixir – Fenster Quartz

Fenster Quartz heals dysfunctional patterns like addiction, co-dependency and obsession. It also helps you access your book of life in the Akashac Records, a metaphorical ‘library of light’ within which every person’s story is stored. This crystal takes you to the section in your book of life about your primary purpose for incarnating into this lifetime:

“Centre yourself and enter into a calm, peaceful meditative state. Imagine a cloud of light appearing before you and a man in white robes stepping through to greet you with a smile and a proffered hand. This is the guardian of the library of light. Take his hand and allow him to lead you through the portal of light. As you step through the other side, you will find yourself in an enormous, cathedral-like building of white light, with high ceiling, tall circular columns and lots of open space. Your guide will lead you to one of the many hallways that lead out from the central place. As you follow him down the hallway, you notice your guide draw a large set of keys from the folds of his robe. He stops in front of a door and smiles at you briefly before using a key to open it. His face is gentle and kind.

He pushes open the door and gestures for you to enter. Inside a beautiful woman dressed in blue robes greets you. All around you are bookcases full or books. The lady takes you to a table and asks you to sit down. On the table in front of you is your book, open to a page titled ‘Purpose’. On the page are pictures, words and colours. There might be a single word, a feeling or an image to comes to you from the book, prodding you with some insight into your reason for incarnating in this lifetime.

Imagine reading this page of the book and have absolutely faith that you are absorbing the information into your subconscious, even if you can’t consciously see or read anything. Know that this information will come to you in time, perhaps via synchronistic events, a revelation, a comment from a friend, a dream, and so on. When you have finished ‘reading’, close the book and hand it back to the lady with thanks. You will find the man in the white robes waiting for you at the door. He guides you back to the central area of the library. The cloud of light re-appears and you smile in thanks to your guide before you step through, back into your now moment and normal waking consciousness.”

This blend can be ordered from Omanisa’s dispensary. Once you have placed your order, please send her an email letting her know it is this specific blend you require.