Interview with Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill is a Reiki healer, tarot reader and hypnotherapist who lives and works in Palmerston, Northern Australia.


Tammy for Om 1Can you tell us what you do?

I do a number of different things. I do tarot, which is more for clarity and direction, and helping people tap into their inner wisdom. I do Reiki, which is beautiful energy healing. And then I do hypnotherapy and Balinese reflexology.

And I’ve decided just recently, because I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about this, to do house clearings.

Can you describe what house-clearing is?

House clearing isn’t necessarily getting rid of negative spirits (although is certainly can be), it’s more often about just getting rid of heavy energy; heavy energy hanging around the house maybe because there was a divorce that took place and the left over feeling in the house isn’t very nice. I just go through and clear out any heaviness that might be there.

And your journey began with the tarot. Can you tell us this story?

I was always a sensitive child, and always told to grow a thick skin. When I was about 18 or 19 I had the first major break up with the love of my life and I was going to different tarot readers to find out, and to hear “Oh yes, you’re going to get back together!”, as you do.

So true! Don’t you think that’s the most common thing people come for?Photo 3-4

It is! A lot of relationship stuff. Anyway, one particular lady said “No! You aren’t going to be getting back together with him because in the long-term, he’s not good for you. Then she told me that I would be good at being a tarot reader because of my sensitivity. She ran me through some tests where I had to sense energy and she offered to teach me. She became my tarot teacher, but she didn’t teach me anything about protecting myself. I learned that later.

One of the first readings I did was for my sister. I told her, in no uncertain terms, that she wouldn’t be marrying her fiancé, because she would meet another teacher and fall in love with him. She was really cross with me and said “You’re just making all this up because you have just broken up with your boyfriend and you don’t want me to be happy!”. I got accused of all sorts of things. But my prediction did end up coming true. She married the one I predicted she would!

So I was doing readings for friends and family and loving it, but at the time, I was working as an intelligence officer in the Queensland prison system.

IMAG0604And so I can imagine, working in an environment like that, being sensitive and not knowing anything about boundaries and protection, probably wasn’t a great situation to be in.

Yes, I was dealing with very heavy energy, so it would have been nice to understand why I was exhausted at the end of every day. I ended up with post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. So I had time off work to recover from all of that and it was spirituality that got me back on my feet again.

I was living in Brisbane and would visit a crystal shop nearby once or twice a week to be with the crystals and the people, just to be there, interacting with gentle energy as I rebuilt. Then I moved to Darwin. At first I was in high management roles, which I hated. I was only doing it because my father insisted his children had to go to university and become high achievers. I was living a dream that wasn’t really my dream because I wanted his approval.

So how did you get from that job situation into the work you are doing today?

It all started with me attending a Reiki course, which changed my life. I had been feeling lost and all over the place, went through the Reiki attunements and suddenly got fired from my job! It was perfect timing because it coincided with a trip to Central America my husband and I had been planning. This is where the brand new idea of ‘Tammy’s Tarot and Healing” was birthed, and I had my first paying client organised before I got back to Darwin.

How did the Balinese reflexology come about?IMAG0619

After I started Tammy’s Tarot, people kept asking me if I did massage, which I didn’t. I didn’t really have much interest in massage and I didn’t want to do a big diploma in reflexology either, but then I heard about Balinese reflexology and it sounded perfect. It was a 5-day intensive course in Bali. You learn about the different points on the foot and how they relate to different parts of the body. So I went and did that, and was top of the class, and absolutely loved it. I don’t call myself a reflexologist per sae, because it’s not an Australian qualification.

And the hypnotherapy?

I’ve always been fascinated with hypnotherapy. This is my most recent passion. I started by attending a short on-line course and loved it, so then I decided I to do a diploma of hypnotherapy. This modality caters for the scientific clients out there who prefer evidence-based therapies, especially now that I’m doing the masters, which is the ‘Masters of Neurohypnotherapy’. So now I’m combining the hypnotherapy with Reiki, which is really effective.

I also heard you do a radio segment on tarot, and you do a fair bit or writing too, don’t you? How did all of that come about?

I had a client come to me for a tarot session and she said she wanted to get me on the radio. So I went and did a test run and recorded it, with genuine people ringing up, and then they put it to air and asked me to do this program for twelve months on a weekly basis.

Around the same time, I was writing articles for an international organisation called Reiki Rays, and they asked me to do a start answering student question via podcasts, and to interview natural therapist about their businesses. I’ve had training and experience with journalism, so I’m quite comfortable with writing and interviewing people.

tammy for Om 2Tell me about your future vision.

I want to continue to help people blossom and grow into the people they are meant to be. People have their own inner knowledge and intuition. My intention is to honour their free will and help them tap into this.

I’ve also created four-week weight-release hypnotherapy session programs, which I’m really excited about. I’m doing it with them so they know they aren’t alone, we’re all in it together. Eventually, I would love to create programs for posttraumatic stress, anxiety and depression, and addiction.


You can contact Tammy on 0408815265 or visit her website or facebook page