Reading the Aura Cards

The missing Aura Card stock rediscovered!
The missing Aura Card stock rediscovered!

I had a sudden idea yesterday, to create a Facebook group for Reading the Aura Cards. Reading the cards is quite an art and it can help if you have a group of people on hand to help you with explore possible interpretations. If you have a deck, or someone (like me) has done a reading for you and you are curious about some of the colours, you might like to join the group.

There are quite a few Aura Card and Book sets scattered throughout Australia and up until the other day, I had thought we’d seen the last of the first edition with its lovingly hand-made deck of cards. I really didn’t have then energy to create more: what a labour of love! Then a family member unearthed an entire bag of Aura Card decks!

So now I have some stock to tide me over while I muddle my way through the process of creating the first commercial deck. Being me, it’s imperative that I procrastinate and change my mind a million times before I get started, otherwise there will be a miserable trail of half-completed and discarded projects scattered in my wake. 2015-01-08 21.10.41

I’ve been conferring with a few people who use the cards as much as I do, both professionally and personally, and have received a very firm cry of “No!” to my initial idea of reducing the number of cards in each deck. So at this stage it looks like we will stick with the original 88 cards. But we all agree I need to change the name of “Aesthetic” back to the very first name I gave it when I was starting to read the aura: “Space”. The glorious minty-green aura frequency has always been a tricky one to name!

My current idea is to do some small edits to the original book and then get started on a new one. I’ve had an “Aura Colour Magic” book rolling around in my mind for a while now. It would have more emphasis on creative visualisation and colour-based tools such as crystals. But that’s just one of many ideas…..