Blame/Stuck – a muddy orange-brown aura frequency

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Colour Perception:

The colour of Blame is a muddy, congested, brown tinged Orange, with glinting hints of angry red streaks. It provides a sick, groaning, heavy feeling to the body, with deeper feelings of pain and a sense of being forsaken. Energetically, this is one of the anger colours; a resonance partner to brown tinged Resentment Green.


Light Characteristics:

The presence of Stuck Orange in a card spread helps you acknowledge a blockage in your energy field that is holding you back and interfering with energy flow. This is particularly useful if you are being proactive about healing. The card position will tell you where the blockage is, so you know which chakra, body area and issues to focus on for healing.

For example, a blockage in the heart chakra will reduce energy flow and functioning in this part of the body. There could be problems with blood pressure, the upper back or the immune system. There may be problems with the giving or receiving of love, feelings of loneliness or a belief that ‘loved ones will always abandon me’. Once these issues are identified, they can be addressed and the blockage resolved.

Shadow Characteristics:

When we are healthy on all levels, our aura is a free flowing system of energy.. A blockage is a density or congestion of energy in the aura which impairs energy flow and functioning, much like a rock stuck in a pipe or a log in a stream. Energy then becomes unevenly distributed throughout the auric system as a result, with some areas receiving excess energy and others being starved of energy.

Every auric blockage is an unresolved issue from your past or present life. A problem or challenge that you have been unable to complete and move beyond, almost like an undigested experience or unfinished story that keeps revolving around inside us until we can find a way to make sense of it and be at peace with it. Sometimes this means letting go, at other times it means having to really tackle and confront an issue.

Think of a blockage as a blind spot in your vision, like an rock blocking your view. What is behind that rock? It can be difficult to really understand something if you cannot see it clearly. A lot of the time, we do not even know the rock is there, almost as though the rock itself is an invisible wall. You might have put the rock there yourself to block something out that you could not deal with at the time. Sometimes we know the block is there but we do not want to do anything about it. But more often than not, we are completely blind to the block, even when it is obvious to other people.

A block is like a gap in our understanding of ourselves, other people and life. When we resolve a blockage, we usually have an ‘aha’ moment where we finally see the light, almost like a puzzle piece clicking into place. We find new understanding and rewrite our experience of reality and our perception of self, others and life. When a block is resolved, our negative life story stops revolving and finally completes itself in a satisfactory way. We are let off the merry go round, liberated and set free to finally move forward.

Stuck Orange can represent blame; a habit of assigning responsibility for problems in your life onto other people and situations, whether past or present. If your life is not working for you, it is always tempting to make it someone else’s fault. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that your own personal happiness or lack of it is all up to you. Blaming other people or events in the past for our current state of affairs means that we do not have to be responsible for our own happiness, success and wellbeing.

Whilst past events and other people can have a profound effect upon us, it is ultimately up to us how we respond to these events and to other people. We can choose to give our power away and deny that we have any capacity to rise above these difficulties, or we can choose to take personal responsibility for our own happiness and take positive steps towards moving forwards.

People wearing Stuck Orange may be trying to punish others by staying stuck and saying ‘See what you have done to me? This is all your fault!’ (see Resentment Green). Some are consciously or subconsciously angry at God or Life for their perceived misfortune, so angry about the ‘hand they have been dealt’ that they protest by going on strike and refusing to live. They avoid forgiveness, because they think it means letting other people or God off the hook. In reality, forgiveness liberates us from our stuck state because it brings us to peace with what has or has not happened (see Harmony Purple).


Above Head – Anger at God, unresolved anger towards a deceased loved one or the presence of spirit guides who are attempting to help you get unstuck by moving beyond blame or any other blockage you may have.

Head – Assigning blame to others. A negative belief or idea that is holding you back.

Throat – Angry expression of blame towards others. Blocked creative expression.

Arms – Blame and anger in a relationship.

Hips –  Unresolved anger and blame to do with past issues such as childhood or past lives. Blaming a loved one, not taking responsibility for your part in a problem.

Hands-                        Anger and Blame to do with a work issue or work collegue. Possible self-esteem issues resulting in self-sabotage, with the underlying issue being loss of self-empowerment due to blaming others or the past.

Legs-               A period of time during which you may be tempted to blame others for your own problems.


Resentment Green-     Natural pairing. Anger, resentment, blame and jealousy.

Forgiveness Purple-    Beginning to let go of old blame issues and move forwards.

Ambition Red-            Highly competitive and jealous of others success which is seen as being unfairly come by.

Grey-  A highly stagnant state of apathy, despair, self-pity and anger.

Pinks-  Blaming a loved one, or blame issues in a relationship.

Soul-Retrieval-            unless surrounding colours are highly positive, most likely to respresent soul loss due to blame.

Abundance Green-      jealousy of others good fortune

Success Colour-          self-sabotage of personal success due to wounds from blame.

White-             A positive sign that blame is shifting and dispersing.