Loyalty Pink

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This colour is a reddish pink or a pinkish red. The Aura Card itself on my screen is a good example of the pinker version of this frequency, while the softer freedom and loyaltyreddish colour featured in the bottom left of this healing sketch is a good example of the red version of this colour. Individual auras express the colour differently (as do different computer screens!)


Colour Perception:

Loyalty Pink has a stable, slow frequency more reminiscent of Brown colours. As a body state, it makes you feel as though loving and ever-patient care and concern for the well being of others has slowly seeped out from your heart chakra and nestled itself happily into the physical tissues of your entire body. This colour makes you feel as though your heart is beating very steady and slow, like a plough horse plodding ever on, regardless of the surrounding conditions. Come rain, snow, storm, flood or draught, the faithful heart of Loyalty Pink stays the course.

Light Characteristics:

Whilst Loyalty Pink is a heart chakra colour, it is strongly tinged with base chakra Red. Rather than being affected by the more impatient, freedom loving aspects of the Red colour stream, Loyalty Pink draws on the base chakra’s capacity for commitment, staying-power and endurance, as demonstrated by mature Red colours such as Strength Red and Seasoned Red, as well as many of the Brown colours that call the base chakra home.

When Loyalty Pink represents a personality, this person will be loyal in their commitments. Once committed to a person, place, job, role or situation, they stay. This makes them highly reliable, providing a firm foundation of stability to any relationship, organisation or undertaking. These people have great depth of character and prefer to finish what they start rather than walk away due to boredom, discontent or hardship.

When found in the aura, Loyalty Pink may be representing your own loyal personality, or the loyalty of another person or organisation towards you. When surrounded by positive, uplifting colours such as Strength Red, Happiness Yellow, Playful Orange, Sky Blue, Healing Green and Wholehearted Pink, the commitment between parties will tend to be mutual and beneficial.

Shadow Characteristics:

Different people have different values and different definitions of loyalty and commitment. Before entering into commitments with a people or organisations, make sure you understand what these differences are. This can go a long way towards preventing misunderstandings. Loyalty Pink people sometimes make the mistake of assuming that other people share their high standards and will naturally respond in kind. This is an unrealistic expectation that usually leads to disappointment and misunderstandings in personal and professional relationships.

The presence of Loyalty Pink in your aura usually means that you have an uncommon capacity for responsibility towards others. You may wish to be an inspiration to others through the example you set, but if you consistently carry more than your fair share of the load, other people will tend to do less. Your broad shoulders are steady and reliable and very easy to take advantage of. It is not always appropriate to be dutiful and self-sacrificing, especially when you are not getting anything back in return.

People who wear a lot of Loyalty Pink must be very careful who and what they commit to because they have trouble walking away when things turn sour. Loyalty Pink holds on, long past the time most sensible people would have cut their losses for the sake of self-preservation. They do this because going against their instinctual sense of loyalty to others can cause them more pain than staying in a bad situation. Whilst going down with a sinking ship may seem noble, it certainly is not wise. If you have trouble knowing when to end things, be very careful where, when, why and to whom you commit to in the first place.

If this card comes up in a spread, it is worth asking yourself whether your devoted commitment to a job, role or loved one is paying good dividends. Is your loyalty, dedication and commitment appreciated? Is it reciprocated? Loyalty Pink energy is a highly valuable resource and not to be squandered lightly. If you invest your Loyalty Pink energy without good judgement, you will receive poor returns. Some relationships and jobs take all your energy and give very little back in return. Imagine what would happen if you invested wisely!

When this colour comes up, there are loyalty and commitment issues that need to be discussed, explored and addressed. This colour often represents an imbalance between your loyalty to others, their loyalty to you and your own loyalty to yourself. You may need to rebalance the scales. Do you tend to weight the loyalty scales in favour of the other party at their own expense? If so, this simply isn’t good investment practise! You must learn to place yourself on equal footing and be the champion for your own rights instead the the hero for everyone else’s. You have a responsibility towards yourself and this is your primary responsibility.


Above Head – You have a deeply committed and caring spirit guide or deceased loved one who is always by your side. Your spiritual guidance may be asking you to address issues loyalty issues in your life: are the scales balanced?

Head- Thinking about issues of loyalty and commitment.

Throat- Talking about loyalty and commitment. Making promises.

Arms- The issue of commitment in relationships. A loyal and committed relationship. Usually represents long term relationships.

Hands- You are a loyal and committed employee. Make sure you are appreciated!

Hips- You are learning to be more loyal and committed to your own well being.

Legs- You may be about to make a commitment or you may find yourself having to reassess your commitments.

CARD COMBINATIONS    –           Loyalty Pink with:

Manifestation Orange- You are reassessing your commitments and loyalties. How is your time and energy being divided out? Are you getting good returns? How could you restructure your life to reflect your changing values?

Pink cards- Long term relationships with loved ones who are loyal and committed to the relationship you have with them.

Maturity Pink- One person is more ready than the other for a serious commitment. A relationship will have to mature or end.

Shame Green- Infidelity, betrayal or dishonesty in a relationship.

Anxiety Yellow- Fears around fidelity and commitment issues.

Pale/Depression Grey- Feeling exhausted and drained due to excessive Loyalty Pink energy flowing out and very little flowing back to you in return.

Sky/Freedom Blue- A commitment or partnership that sets you free and gives you so much back in return.

Playful Orange- Healthy social connections based on mutual loyalty, care and trust.

Investment Brown- Making a financial commitment.

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