The Fantasy Colour

This is a straw-coloured, pale brown-yellow, or yellow brown. Yellow is a solar plexus colour, tied in with the nervous system and the mind. Brown is a base chakra colour associated with grounding. Too much yellow and light in the base chakra can dampen our grounding and pull us into our minds. On the flip side, a bit of brown in the solar plexus, colouring our yellow frequency, can bring a practical element to our thinking e.g. how can I use my mind in a practical way to make my life better?


If you have a deck of my Aura Cards and you have some challenges reading this colour, here are some tips:

1) Are there other cards in the spread, or hints in the conversation with the client (or in your own life if this reading is your own), that make you suspect you might be lacking in grounding? This colour can make us a bit dreamy and heady. Symptoms of a lack of grounding in this instance can include:
*Being distracted and not really hearing what others are saying to you.
*Having trouble with your memory because you aren’t really paying attention in the moment.
*Always being somewhere else in your head (past or future or another part of the world for example) instead of being here now.
*Walking into things, having little accidents, forgetting things.
*Feeling dizzy, light-headed or foggy in the head.

2) Explore with yourself (or the client) how you are using your imagination. Is it in a helpful way, or an unhelpful way. Sometimes this card can mean that the worries or issues being experienced are, quite literally, all in your head. They aren’t real. For example, you might be imagining that someone hates you when that isn’t the case at all! We often project our emotional wounds onto others.

3) My favourite way to use this card in a reading, by far, is to think of it as a message from spirit reminding me (or the client) to use our imagination in a therapeutic way. I use the other surrounding cards as hints, to give me ideas about what I could imagine. The mind is so, so incredibly powerful and half the time we walk around with this powerhouse inside us running it’s own show, without us ever attempting to take command of the controls. Deliberate therapeutic imagination is something every wise person uses, say for example when they are learning a new skill: they imagine themselves doing that task easy, effortlessly, joyfully!