Kathleen O’Keeffe

Kathleen O’Keeffe is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Health Coach. This interview is one in a series of interviews Om is conducting with practitioners she has mentored. 


Screenshot 2015-07-20 17.22.40Can you give me an update on what you have been doing professionally?

I’m still doing my energy healing work. So that is a 90min session using your beautiful cards, Om, along with crystals and hands on healing. My crystals and my feather wand help me hold space for healing, into which spirit guides can enter. My friend Shayote made my feather wand using white-bellied sea-eagle feathers. The sea-eagle is my main spirit guide.

A lot of my healing work is based on the healing mentoring you gave me, where we learned to feel into the aura intuitively, using colour and nature energies to rebalance. I also incorporate Reiki and another healing modality I am trained in called Simply Healed.

Simply Healed is also a stand-alone modality I offer as an hour-long session. This is a modality that lends itself really well to distant work, over the phone or via Skype.

For someone who doesn’t understand what Simply Healed is, is there a way to explain it in simple terms?

It’s an energy healing modality that uses muscle testing and an integration of the energy. It’s been compared a little to kinesiology where the practitioner muscle tests to find a block and then does an integration to clear the energy, but it’s a lot simpler. Simply Healed is all about going straight to the core issue and clearing it. It’s my go-to modality for distant healing.

Have you got a favourite crystal you have been connecting with at the moment?

I actually had a client yesterday give me two crystals! One is a slice of agate, my favourite crystal. And I have a feeling this agate might be my favourite ever. It’s grey and white and looks almost ‘watery’, almost like the ocean when it’s cloudy, the water isn’t so blue and there’s a lot of white-wash. It’s amazing!

Is the agate a crystal ‘first love’ for you? One of the first crystals you fell in love with when you were initially discovering crystals?


Yes, it is a first love for me. The first crystal I bought and wore as a pendant for years was a Blue Lace Agate. I think its also kind of a Gemini thing; it’s my birth-crystal. Agates are just so cool with their range of colours and patterns and layers. They are my go to grounding crystal.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 17.23.05 

I’ve heard you are going to be moving soon?

Yes! I’ll be moving to Kuranda in North Queensland at the end of this year (2015). I’ll continue doing all the healing work that I’ve been doing. My clients here will still be able to work with me via Skype or phone and I’m looking forward to meeting new clients in Kuranda.

Is there anything you particularly love specialising in?

I really love the Distant Healing work over Skype. I love the trust from the client and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful distant healing is with out being in the same room as your client.

I have a few modalities under my belt, and whilst I don’t really feel like I specialise is a particular one but more have them in my tool kit to draw upon depending on what the client needs most.

Do you have a vision for your professional future?

I’ve nearly finished a health-coaching course with IIN on-line, which has really taught me a lot about active listening and meeting people where they are at. Health coaching is all about helping people realise what their real goals are and then keeping them accountable as they work towards that. It’s a bit of a program; you work with people for 6 months.

I see myself evolving into having health coaching as part of my practice, alongside my energy healing work. I don’t know what the end result will be, because I’m constantly evolving.

I’ve been working on pushing myself out of my comfort zones in order to grow, especially when it comes to public speaking, which tends to scare me! It’s definitely getting easier with practice.

My biggest passion is self-care. Teaching people to love and care for themselves. If you give yourself time by giving to yourself, and you stop worrying about lack and focus on gratitude, life gets easier. People have this perception that spiritual practices are really hard, but I’ve actually found that it’s not that hard, complicated or time-consuming. Nor does it need to be. We can keep it simple.

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