Truth Blue : Aura Colour

This is an old piece or writing I did many years ago. I’ve since incorporated Truth Blue into the Aura Card named “Expression Blue”, because they are different facets of the same aura frequency. This colour is all about finding balance in the throat chakra. Not enough truth/expression blue, and you won’t have an opinion. Or you have one but you won’t express it. Too much and everyone can hear you opinion coming from a mile off because you shout it from the rooftops all day and night! This is when Truth/Expression Blue slides into Zealous Blue. We can of course, swing between the two extremes, but hopefully we eventually find the middle ground.

Truth blue is an electric blue with a faint turquoise tint, a little like the blue in this section of aura sketch. With psychic vision it shimmers and sparkles with vibrancy, like sunlight sparkling on the surface of a blue lake. cropped-zanandra-30th-nov-2010.jpg

This one one of the first colours I conceived and whilst I no longer use this specific colour during readings, the philosophy it taught me is still very present in my personal and professional life. Truth Blue’s core wisdom is ‘be true to yourself and honour everybody else’s right to do the same’. Truth Blue teaches us know our own personal truth and be true to it without violating the right of others to be true to themselves in turn.

Each person’s personal truth is a conglomerate of their unique, individual values, beliefs, ideas, ideals, attitudes and ethics. In discovering your own personal truth, you are discovering Who You Are. You might realise on this journey of self-discovery that your personal truth is different from your family and friend’s personal truths. Your personal truth might even be different from the views held by society around you, your spiritual mentors and other role-models in your life. These external influences are all very powerful and we can easily lose touch with our true inner values if we don’t take the time to touch base with ourselves. (See Sanctuary Green)

You are always changing and redefining your personal identity. In deciding who you choose to be as an individual, you may ocasionally need to release old opinions, values and ideas because they no longer fit you anymore. Perhaps they were never really suited to you in the first place. As you establish your personal truth, you are making decisions about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. This is an on-going process. Let me give you an example of personal truth in action:

One day you decide you really, really don’t like eating tomatoes. You’ve only been eating them because Grandma says they’re good for you. You’ve had enough. You hate the taste, they’ve been giving you wind for years and they really aren’t right for you. It would be rather ridiculous at this stage to say that Grandma was wrong about tomatoes because tomatoes are really bad and no-one should ever eat them. After all, Grandma thrives on them and has lived happily with tomatoes in and on everything she eats, into robust old age. Tomato ice-cream is a strange concept, but each to their own.

If you force yourself to continue eating tomatoes after you’ve had the ‘I hate tomatoes’ epiphany, you’re violating your own personal truth. If grandma forces you to keep eating tomatoes after your epiphany, she’s violating your personal truth. If you try to stop grandma eating tomatoes just because you don’t like them, you’re violating her personal truth. If you try to stop everyone from ever eating tomatoes again, it really is time to settle down and embrace a ‘live and let live’ philosophy.

‘Tomatoes are good for you’ is simply grandma’s personal truth, not yours. That doesn’t mean that one of you is right and one of you is wrong; you are just different people with different personal truths (and very different digestive systems in spite of the genetic connection!). The appropriate response is to say ‘tomatoes are good for some people but not for me’ and let everyone else get on with working it out for themselves rather than trying to rescue everyone from the perils of tomato-eating and waging a campaign against tomato growers across the country.

Like Wisdom Blue, Truth Blue encourages us to walk our talk and be authentic. Be Real. Be Yourself. Its important to know yourself and express or share your truth without forcing it on others or hiding away for fear of being judged. Truth Blue is a creative expression colour because creative expression is a healthy way to discover, explore and express your personal truth.

If this colour has come up for you, it’s either reflecting your self-discovery journey or prompting you to begin. Can you think for yourself, allow yourself to be different and celebrate the right of others to do the same? Who are you? What interests, opinions, thoughts and ideas do you have? How are they different from the people around you? How could you further explore, express and share your authentic self with the world around you?


Above Head – Spirit is encouraging your creative, free expression. Be Authentic. Be yourself. Make sure you learn the lesson this colour teaches about personal truth.

Head – Enquiring deeply into personal beliefs and conditioning from others in a quest to be true to oneself. Thinking centred around philosphy and ethics.

Throat – Expressing your personal truth. Creative self-expression. Sharing your personal truth with others.

Arms – Issues surrounding personal truth arising in relationships. If you are truly understanding the lesson this colour teaches, you will be accepting both your own and the others persons perspective as valid.

Hands – Passionate about personal values and quite vocal in making these heard and understood by others in order to defend or protect their personal truth. May be a moral cruisader for human rights. On a lighter note, can represent a delightful period of self-discovery, especially on a career-identity basis.

Hips – Take care not to overly suppress your voice and opinions.

Legs – Imminent journey of self-discovery and creative self-expression. Standing up for what you believe in.

CARD COMBINATIONS – Truth Blue with:

White – Can represent water, water sports and water activities. Changes in self-identity and self-expression.

Grey – Potential supression of your voice and opinions. Be true to yourself. Introspection before expression can be positive if it helps you calm down and take a more measured approach, but possibly negative if it results in you saying nothing at all. Listen to your throat.

Wisdom Blue – Issues around the value of truth, honesty and moral opinion. Be careful not to judge others unfairly from a moral highground but you are entriely justifed in maiking different choices that are better for you as an individual. Walking you talk.

Authenticity – Being authentic and true to yourself is helping you to blossom and bloom.

Boundaries Blue – Be assertive and express your person truth. Stand up for yourself verbally.

Creative Red – Highly creative. Passionate about creative expression.

Performance Green – These people often use the performing arts to express their personal truth and explore social issues.

Spiritual Purple – Spiritual reawakening.